Intelligence Techsolt: AI Redefined

Computer Vision is considered one of the key areas in Automated Quality Inspection for both visual and dimensional inspection. The pandemic also caused a surge in the demand for AI-based systems like Machine Vision, etc. It is estimated that supervised learning will have an almost 84 percent share of AI in Computer Vision by 2026. The major use-cases would be medical imaging and facial recognition algorithms. Nasik-based Intelligence Techsol Pvt. Ltd. (ITPL) builds the Visual and Dimensional Quality Inspection solutions and customizes them as per the customer requirements for end-to-end automation of the quality inspection process.

With its innovative AI products and solutions for the Agriculture and Manufacturing industries, Intelligence Techsol is ready to take Industry 5.0 bang on

The company has an established network for offering end-to-end automation in Conveyor Systems, Feeders, PLCs, Sensors, Buzzers, Alarms, Alerts, and End Inspection Reports. ITPL Team is cross-functional having vast experience in the manufacturing, hardware, and software development sectors. The company focuses on two verticals ­ Manufacturing and Agriculture. There is an increase in demand for computer vision in agriculture, especially in areas like crop disease detection, soil health monitoring, etc. ITPL builds cost-efficient solutions for small and marginal farmers and the SME sector.

Shopfloor Monitoring Solution
Shopfloor Monitoring Solution is intended to monitor the 4-Ms of the shopfloor ­ Man, Machine, Material, and Methods with the IIoT solutions. The process flows through sensing, capturing, analyzing, processing, and presenting the data without any human dependency. Quality Inspection is one of the important functions and areas for Automation Under Industry 4.0. ITPL aids its users in getting the run-time view of their manufacturing processes and check if the processes are in control or not.
Soil Testing Device
ITPL's latest product in the Agriculture sector is the IoT-based Soil Testing Device and the company claims it to be India's first and the only device to test soil using sensors. This battery-operated portable device can be carried anywhere at any time to get the report for soil micro-nutrients in just 10 seconds. This enables farmers to make informed and proactive decisions to increase the yield and quality of the crops. ITPL is currently working on applying ML algorithms to this test data to ease the farming process. Farmers are now saving 12-30 percent cost of their fertilizers because of the availability of the test report in just a few seconds.

Plug-n-Play IoT Solutions
ITPL has developed plug n play type products and solutions for shop-floor automation. As soon as these solutions are implemented, stakeholders can obtain the necessary information on their hand-held devices wherever they are, giving them better control over their value stream. The company has better control over its products and solutions as they are developed completely in-house. The benefits of computer vision include increased visibility and data availability.

The company plans to have an Off-the-Shelf product in computer vision for some common consumer requirements. Also, ITPL is at a preliminary development stage for a use-case in healthcare to help doctors in diagnosing the patients remotely using computer vision and supervised learning. ITPL has a major milestone of going for the IPO planned in the next few years.