Indika AI: Exceptional-Quality Training Data for Artificial Intelligence Solutions

CIO Vendor The deployment of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is now accelerating across all industries with new use-cases being researched and tested every day. AI is said to be the new electricity which would changes every aspect of our life and the way we do business.

However, the biggest constraint in adoption of AI is the underlying costs of building a high-performing AI Model. The performance of an AI Model is only as good as the quality of the training data used for training the AI Model. Therefore, AI today is said to be blocked by lack of high-quality training data and not the AI Model. That is why the concept of Data Centric AI is now part of discussion at almost all AI events and the top AI leaders like Andrew Ng has been continuously talking about it. To make the world AI Ready, we would first need to make the Training Data Industry which is the backbone of the AI Industry strong.

Amidst such fast-scaling industry needs for the high-quality training data, Indika AI is offering its cutting edge, accurate and scalable data services that AI companies can solely rely on. Indika AI is a data service Startup based in Mumbai, India and working with some of the leading AI companies across the world to help them train their AI Models with high-quality training data. While being sector agnostic and working with clients from all industries on all types of unstructured data such as text, images, videos, and audio, Indika AI specializes in data labeling for highly regulated industries such as Financial Services, Reg-Tech, Legal and Healthcare where High-quality data labeling requires strong domain expertise and data security is also a concern.

“To offer exceptional-quality data labeling services to our clients, we combine unmatched domain expertise, trained professionals, seamless and streamlined processes and industry standard technology,” says Hardik Dave, Founder and CEO of Indika AI.
We further asked Hardik about how they define 'Exceptional Quality' Data Services and he said that "there is a reason why we introduce Indika AI as Exceptional- Quality Data Service Partner, one that we are not just data labeling services company which is just one part of the overall dataflow in AI development life cycle which also include steps such as Data Strategy i.e., what type of training data would be ideal for training the AI Model, then data collection, followed by data labeling and then feeding that data to the model to see how well the model performs which is also not the last step.

The company works with the vision to become the most preferred and reliable data service partner of AI teams and accelerate AI deployment worldwide including in the highly regulated and specialized industries such as Financial Services, Reg-Tech, Legal AI and Healthcare

Depending on the AI Model performance, we may need to restart from the first step to further improve the data quality and model performance. Indika AI takes care of this entire data side of AI and therefore, we say we are a data service partner instead of data labeling service provider. Further, exceptional-quality of services means that we closely work with the AI/Data Science Team of our clients to strategize-execute and monitor the performance of the AI Model to accordingly collect, label and improve the data quality”.

Data Quality is of utmost importance to Indika AI. The company puts extra effort in client introduction and onboarding processes. It deploys a team of domain and solution experts to have discussions with clients, who then understand their needs precisely and come up with the best optimal solution for them. To manage every client's expectation, the company assigns a free POC and goes further to offer a dedicated project management team who understand the project and help clients in case of any need. The team is also involved in quality audit processes and ensures unparalleled services.