Beltech AI: Building Smarter Cities With AI & IoT

CIO Vendor Digital era demands new and smarter ways of governance for urban as well as rural sections. The Internet and Technology Advancements have penetrated the nooks and corners of the world. In line with that, the computer vision market is expected to grow from $10.9 billion in 2019 to $17.4 billion by 2024-growing at a CAGR of 7.8 percent during the forecast period of 2019-2024. This market is seeing considerable demand due to the widespread appplications of guided robotic systems and the growing need for application specific computer vision systems. When it comes to the Indian market, it was in 2011-12 when deep tech models started gaining attraction in the tech market. This was possible because of the availability of related hardware and computing resouces in the market. It is also because of the growth of deep tech, that computer vision and AI systems started gaining acceptance as a lot of computer vision and AI models are operated through deep tech systems. AI and computer vision systems have had wide scale implementations across industries but it has helped the process of urbanization in a specific and unique way.

However, there are a few factors that cause problems for clients while availing AI services from a provider. Computer vision is a complicated integration of software algorithms into hardware systems and the deficiency in the later causes difficulty in execution. This is why high definition cameras must be available which can give out video streams at a required rate per second. Apart from that proper hardware acceleration is necessary for the algorithms to work in a smooth way. This is where Beltech AI from Bangalore came into existence in 2020. Facing all odds, Beltech AI has emerged from Bangalore with a definite vision to change the urban as well as rural living infrastructure through their smart solutions and services. Beltech AI is accelerating quicker, easier, and transparent Governance by making Urban and Rural Infrastructure smarter. The company has been able to do such by integrating state-of-the-art AI with public infrastructure. Beltech AI has a fleet of smart governance products that includes Traffic Management, Security, Smart City, and Public Transport.

Operational Excellence
Beltech AI'sSmart Traffic Management product ­ AI-ways, evaluates the number of vehicles and pedestrians on road in real-time and coordinates the traffic lights most efficiently so that the traffic moves the fastest. Also, Smart traffic lights, installed throughout the city, communicate internally ensuring minimum time expenditure on red lights. Pinakee Biswas, CTO, Beltech AI says, "The AI keeps learning and improving itself sp as to ensure the wait time at intersections is reduced over time. It also detects traffic violations like speeding, traffic-light violation, one-way violation, no-helmet, illegal parking, etc. automatically using Computer Vision, and the whole system is also integrated with the RTO's database for automatic challan generation".

Agastya Bellad, CEO, Beltech AI states, "Beltech AI's Eagle Eye detects crime such as theft, harassment, physical flights, etc. automatically in real-time using Computer Vision, and alerts the authorities immediately. Further, using the list of suspected criminals, the AItracks their moments for crime prevention and provides detailed analytics to the relevant authorities. Regarding women's safety, Beltech AI's Secure Me can detect any kind of harassment on the streets and alerts the authorities about potential threats. The Secure Me app alerts the user of the presence of any convicted criminals around the area. The users
can use the app to share their whereabouts and movement with their friends and family".

Beltech AI's Garbage Tracking AI detects garbage across the city automatically. It tracks the person, place, and time of littering, and alerts the authorities. The AI also detects damage done to the public infrastructure such as potholes, pavements, and more, and alerts the authorities. It can as well be used to monitor the efficiency of the contractors at fixing the issues. The company's Smart Street Lights control the street lights ensuring their operation only when there is a person or a vehicle around. It can be used to measure the speed and direction of movement to coordinate the intensity of street lights across the city to reduce electricity wastage. The Smart City system can be used to open up the network and allow the public to access WiFi.

With The Advanced Computer Vision AI, Beltech AI Is Revolutionizing The Way A Smart City Functions

Beltech AI's Public Transport system tracks the location of public buses in the city using Computer Vision and helps the public in planning their journey in a better way by providing the transport data. It also provides rash-driving analytics. This technology can make every bus stand a smart bus stand. Smart Ticketing automatically deducts money from the digital wallet of users depending on their journey. The AI further is also used to locate the whereabouts of all available public transport like auto, bus, taxi, smart bikes, and more, within a city.

Satish Basavaraju, Computer Vision Scientist at Beltech AI mentions, "The traffic control algorithms by Beltech AI are way ahead of time and the traffic management system is kind of a boon in reducing the traffic issues in big and smart cities like Bengaluru. Beltech AI's biggest clients are the Governments of the States and Smart Cities, making the cities a better and peaceful place to live".

"We see cameras all over an urbanized space today. Not only the cameras are able to capture clear videos, but also are able to detect the commanded objects in the massive crowd of things. This is what we are also doing. Starting from traffic management, we have designed solutions for each and every smart city needs which are able to solve real world problems with greater accuracy", adds Agastya.

Future Projections
Founded in 2020, Beltech AI has impacted much in the industry. They have not provided clients with any of the shelf model but have actually worked on the real world problems and came up with AI solutions of their own which have their unique properties. In the times to come, the company wants to build more and more such kind of AI solutions that would sove real world problems and will be implemental in determining the problems. Their solutions will have much more impact on a smart city infrastructure in the coming years. They updating themselves everyday in terms of technology and expertise and try to build solutions to add further value to the industry as whole. They are also working on various other sectors which will be business ready in near future.

Speaking about the future of the company, the CEO concludes, "Apart from other smart city solutions, we are also coming up with a platform where businesses will be able to buils smart city software using our technology and that too for free of cost. Apart from this we are also looking at acquiring more clients in the coming year. Because our solutions are unique and have a wide scale impact on a city infrastructure, we are positive about gaining more and more projects in the days to come".