TurboHire: Solving Talent Industry Riddle with Core AI Solution

According to a recent study, a medium sized 3000 employee organization typically hires for 500 jobs annually. A Job Post receives 300 or more candidate application, thereby a medium organization receives whopping 150,000 annually. Study further elaborates that about 80 percent of these CVs, i.e. 120,000 remain unopened by recruiters because of time constraints or urgency, whereas 70 percent of the jobs in the organization are repeat jobs. Meaning, organizations in 70 percent of the cases hire for new job which is same as previous job. However, organizations ignore 120,000 candidate CVs now lying in-house and keep posting every position to Job Boards for sourcing candidate.

TurboHire is one core AI solution, which has been packaged and priced differently for different use-cases of market

The question is ‘Why these 120,000 are not analysed before posting every job to Job-Boards?’. This is because candidate CVs hold unstructured data, and therefore reviewing the in-house CVs in short time is humanly infeasible.

This is where Hyderabad based TurboHire, advised by Chief Knowledge Office of NASA and an HR Professor at IIM Ahmedabad, comes-in to alter dynamics of entire Talent Industry. TurboHire’s Patents, Document Ironing, Data Extraction and Data Enrichment with Proprietary Datasets help organizations in solving the till-date unsolved problem.

TurboHire stores and converts 120,000 CV files or any number into LinkedIn-like searchable and always-fresh database to fulfil a new job. It saves organizations $500 in job marketing expenses, and several weeks of time spent on job marketing and screening processes. The timely hiring aids to organization’s revenue generation potential. In addition, organization also builds strong Employer Brand by offering job opportunity to a prior applicant.
TurboHire is one core AI solution, which has been packaged and priced differently for different use-cases of market. The ‘Talent Discovery Platform’ is for Large Enterprise customers, Intelligent ‘Talent Acquisition Platform’ is for Medium Enterprise segment and ‘Talent API’ is for other HR Tech solutions who wish to bring deep AI based Intelligence to their own product and offering. TurboHire is in use at one of the largest banks, a multibillion-dollar conglomerate, a global management institution, a hospital chain and several tech & non-tech companies across industry sectors.

Team TurboHire

API first, Trust Relationship based Integration framework
In addition to core R&D based solution set of TurboHire, the company prides itself with API first, Trust-Relationship based integration framework. Framework allows TurboHire to offer cookie-less always-on access into TurboHire solution and resources. It also facilitates integration ease and faster timeline for any system to system integration. It provides the flexibility in data elements to be exchanged between two systems with industry standard data-privacy to customers and their candidates.

The Journey Ahead
The team at TurboHire consists of 40+ years of domain, global sales and platform development experience at Google, Microsoft, ISB and Infosys. The founding team are alumni of IITB, NIT Trichy and IITD. The company is working on launching the TurboHire platform globally in entire English speaking markets. Moving ahead, TurboHire plans to bring unprecedented search flexibility, customizability and pre-built integration suites to its Intelligent Talent Acquisition platform to its customers.