Orbit Shifters: Fuelling Business Growth through Artificial Intelligence

CIO Vendor The adoption of artificial intelligence has entered the mainstream with the technology finding a wide range of applications across various industry verticals. According to a report by Allied Market Research, the global artificial intelligence market is expected to become $169.41 billion by 2025, growing at a CAGR of 55.6 percent. The proliferation of cloud solutions and increased demand for analysing & interpreting large volumes of data are some of the factors contributing to the market growth. While AI is considered to be the most disruptive technology till data transforming the way businesses operate in unprecedented ways, not every implementation of artificial intelligence enables enterprises to achieve the desired results, owing to lack of a clear industrial blueprint for the implementation of technology. Moreover, the success of any AI implementation depends on the extent of understanding of business processes of the organization with reference to the future prospects and possibilities.

Futuristic Industrial AI Blueprint
This is where Orbit Shifters, a Hyderabad headquartered company comes into the picture, helping businesses harness the potential of artificial intelligence by providing them a futuristic blueprint for the technology implementation as per their unique requirements. The company provides a plethora of AI services such as AI Blueprint – a pathway for businesses from data to dollars; AI Pilot in 90 days – a service for organizations to get a feel of AI disruption via a guided proof of value, focusing on a key business process with tangible business benefits; AI Centre of Excellence – an end-to-end artificial intelligence outsourcing service; and Product Engineering services. “With the advent of AI, businesses are experiencing the fastest paradigm shift in the history of technology. Today, almost every large scale enterprise is being driven by AI, and it is the prime business enabler and core component of their corporate strategy. While delivering services, we primarily consider three things – creating new recurring revenue streams, enabling new business models using technology-powered novel techniques, and safeguarding existing sales by enhancing customer experiences,” says Mahesh, Co-Founder, Orbit Shifters.

Mahesh comes with more than 18 years of IT experience across various industries. Speaking about the success journey of the company, he says, “Me and my partner Prasanth who is also the Co-Founder of Orbit Shifters, have always been good friends with interests in common fields. We both started our journey in analytics, and it has been our bread and butter. Though we faced some difficulties at the beginning, our years of experience is helping us overcome all those challenges and serve our esteemed clients. During the first 3-6 months, we mainly focussed on in-house ideation, because we believe that innovation should come from the inside of the organization. Since inception of the company, we have never taken funding from any investors and are running the company in the bootstrap mode, despite many proposals from big giants in the industry, as we are in the process of experimenting some innovative ideas in the market.” The company’s AI blueprint creates a map of AI strategy for businesses along three dimensions – Business Dimension, Technology Dimension, and Dollar Dimension. In addition to cutting-edge AI services, the company also provides workshops on AI for Educational Institutions, Institutional Leaders, CXOs, Students and Managers. The company is creating 10 AI Courses for one of its customers in Singapore. Recently, the company has also conducted a two-day workshop at Padmavati Mahila Visvavidyalayam, Tirupati.

An End-to-End Sports Analytics Platform
Technology has a profound impact on many industries, including the sports. Artificial Intelligence in particular has completely disrupted the sports industry, enabling the precise analysis of the performances of players. With a vision to drive change and revolutionize the sports industry using artificial intelligence, Orbit Shifters has created a product named SportsVision – a web based analytics platform for multiple sports analytics. SportsVision is an advanced sports analytics platform powered by Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning and Computer Vision for both off
and on the field analytics that caters to the needs of everyone involved in sports management. It enables coaches and managers to analyze and enhance the performances of players with vision-centric insights like never before. Once the videos are uploaded onto the SportsVision platform, the deep learning algorithms provide multiple insights such as automated actions, event tagging, pose analysis, player tracker, brand logo recognition, and rating application as needed.

While delivering services, we primarily consider three things ­ creating new recurring revenue streams, enabling new business models using technology-powered novel techniques, and safeguarding existing sales by enhancing customer experiences

SportsVision’s machine-learning based algorithm generates raw and custom defined match highlights with all the exciting moments from a full match in quick time. The solution also rates the players based on the standard FIFA based data points. With SportsVision, the company aims to democratize sports technology and caters to the complete needs of players, coaches, managers, broadcasting companies and sponsors. “The sports industry is under rapid transformation owing to latest technologies, and cricket in particular is far more advanced and years ahead when compared to other sports. That is the reason we primarily focus on football, basketball, rugby, ice hockey, and other Olympic games. We are in talks with some customers from the US and Australia for the Olympic games. We are also working on several initiatives which will emphasize on the need of a revolution in the sports industry in India at grass root levels,” elaborates Mahesh about their vision for the sports industry. Orbit Shifters was 2019 runner-up of the quiz competition with 500 participants at a sports-tech conference in Dallas. “Our performance at the sports-tech conference at Dallas last year has brought us a large number of clients across the globe,” he adds.

“Our performance at the sports-tech conference at dallas last year has brought us a large number of clients across the globe”

Orbit Shifters is the recipient of StartUp of the year 2019 by evolveX at IIT Hyderabad event. Currently, the company is working with several clients ranging from startups and small size companies to medium companies across the globe. The company has recently signed a contract with the US Olympics committee for the summer Olympics to help leverage technology in conducting the Olympic games in an effective manner. The company is working with the USA Gymnastics, the national governing body for gymnastics in the US. The company is working on a judging tool for NCDT, a non-profit to encourage tier-1 and tier-2 sports globally. “At Orbit Sifters, our mission is to ensure that an orbit-shifting idea is grown into a successful, market-worthy model with all the richness and potential of the original aspiration through fundamental pillars of knowledge and wisdom through our offerings. Along with RPA Foundation, we have initiated a lot of AI reskilling programs in India as a part of ESD program. We are scaling our flagship AI service ‘Industrial AI Blueprint’ at the APAC level especially in Singapore, Malaysia, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and others,” concludes Mahesh.

Preventing Player Injuries
Probably, player injury is one of the most common things in the sports industry. Despite advancements in terms of technology, the issue of player injuries remains unaddressed to the large extent. Sometimes, these injuries severely affect the careers of athletes. Orbit Shifters is trying to solve the player injury issues using artificial intelligence technologies. Orbit Shifter’s SportsVision performs body posture analysis through deep learning and computer vision. It detects the speed of players, track flying trajectory, and action areas inside a match. It helps to correct wrong body postures of players by measuring body angles and rotation during the training sessions and prevents injuries.