krtrimaIQ Cognitive Solutions: Empowering Businesses with Advanced AI Solutions & Services

CIO Vendor We live in the era of advanced intelligence. Blessed by drastic technological innovations, humans are becoming smarter with advanced applications becoming part and parcel of their daily lives. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is among those technologies which have found its implementations in some of the important sectors of the business ecosystem. It has provided a broader perspective to businesses where a lot of business functions have become easier and faster running on AI systems.

krtrimaIQ Cognitive Solutions, based out of Bengaluru, solves business problems using Artificial Intelligence. It enables Intelligent Enterprise leveraging Automation, Data Science, Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing and Speech Recognition Technologies. The company helps its customers define Artificial Intelligence strategy, road map, technology assessment and implement the same. Using cutting edge algorithms on structured and unstructured data (text, documents, images, video, audio), krtrimaIQ delivers insights that power business decisions. This enables the customers to transform from transactional enterprise to Intelligent Enterprise and be ahead of their competition in the market. “Whether the enterprise is struggling to get the right information to right users at the right time through right channel, underutilising the potential of their work force, or unable to leverage & monetise huge volumes of data they have collected, we are there to help address these challenges,” states Srinivasa Rao Poladi, Founder & CEO, krtrimaIQ Cognitive Solutions.

Ensuring Customer Success
The company provides solutions using cutting edge algorithms and tools from open source as well as commercial Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning tools from Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google. They also have partnerships with technology leaders Automation Anywhere and Neo4J. This helps them provide a wide variety of choice to customers based on their needs, be it cost optimisation, technology fit or vendor alignment.

“Integrity, Trust and Transparency are our core values. Elaborate use case
approach brings-in transparency; demo driven approach reduces the risk of failure that helps build the trust. We thrive on providing innovative solutions to our customers and take pride in being at the cutting edge of new and evolving algorithms,” states the founder.

“Given the wide gap between AI promise and reality, we work with our customers to identify business problems, map AI applications and tools that can realistically solve these problems, and develop a road map for their implementation. We walk the talk being with the customer throughout their transformation journey. We make AI solutions affordable, adaptable and applicable for business as well as consumer use,” he adds.

We thrive on providing innovative solutions to our customers and take pride in being at the cutting edge of new and evolving algorithms

A Bright Future Ahead
krtrimaIQ is just about a year into operations and has successfully delivered solutions for fraud detection (predictive analytics), link analysis for anti-money laundering (graph database), inventory optimisation, and currently working on conversational chatbots (deployed one on their own website), trading analytics platform for retail investors, conversion of paper books to e-books & audio books for publishers, intelligent search for domain specific needs of an enterprise, and credit risk models for financial institutes. Many of these demos are available on their web site.

It is also working with startup products in automatic vehicle damage assessment, conversational interface platform, demand planning & forecasting, telematics and driver safety. The company has expanded the leadership team and geographical reach across India, UK, US, Africa, Middle East, solution portfolio across domains, and set-up partner ecosystem. “We envision krtrimaIQ to be a recognised AI solutions provider and drive AI adaption across many SMBs and retail consumers. We expect to successfully execute on our vision while adhering to our core values in coming five years,” concludes Srinivasa.