Claritaz Techlabs: Leveraging Advanced Chatbot to Help Convert Customers to Brand Advocates

CIO Vendor A happy customer forms the very core of a successful business, and a Customer’s Life Time Value is enhanced when superior customer engagement experiences are ensured and brand trust is built. A game-changing trend taking-over in the service providers and marketing space is the emergence of conversational chatbots, designed to be multilingual, comprehend human emotions & needs and act as a digital companion to the customer even during non-office hours, thus driving better customer engagement and satisfaction. To extract the complete benefits of a chatbots, organizations expect the conversational service provider to ensure a unified customer experience. This can be fulfilled by assuring that the chatbots proffer instantaneous information specific to the query, lesser lead time to solve any issues raised, a seamless transition from a system chatbots to a human intervention, or the bare minimum of instant conversational chat and availability of a multilingual & voice based chat.

Offering consumers relevant, personal and enhance customer experience is Tamil Nadu headquartered Claritaz TechLabs with its revolutionary chatbot, Claribot, that has been engineered with the intention to give the clients a very intuitive user experience. The bot has been built by a team of experts to intelligently furnish as much information available in the given client environment through periodic crawling of websites. In the event that the customer requires additional information, the chatbot transitions from system chat to a human conversational chat seamlessly. Here, the human agent provides further information in a smooth and effective manner by accessing the information previously shared by the bot. “This enables the customer to have a strong ‘feel good’ factor, as the customer need not have to repeat the communications that has happened with the bot, which in turn saves time for the customer,” informs Mohan Thilak, Co-Founder & CEO at Claritaz TechLabs.
Offering a Plethora of Novel Features
All in all, the easy-to-use SaaS model intelligent bot that adopts a one-on-one approach, proffers a comprehensive suite of unique features comprising Website Crawl that ensures availability of instant information, seamless transition of conversation from bot to agent, Data Augmentation, Multiple Utterances, Appointment Booking, Data Collection from users, multiple sites management from a single user-friendly dashboard and Guided Push to Call-to-Action, saving time and increasing productivity at an economical cost. “Claritaz, having evolved from a startup to a mid-sized enterprise organization, understands the needs of all levels of customers from startup to enterprise and provides solutions accordingly,” explains Mohan.

Claritaz, having evolved from a startup to a mid-sized enterprise organization, understands the needs of all levels of customers from startup to enterprise and provides solutions accordingly

A 150+ team that collaborates with startups and established enterprises alike with the aim to innovate, a select team at Claritaz is currently focused on adding more features to the already feature-rich chatbot. The new features include Voice Integration, Mobile app for Agents, Omni-channel Integration and Web Hooks. The company also aims to expand its team strength to further increase its capabilities.

As part of its CSR initiative, Claritaz has launched Covid-19 chatbot which provides latest Corona information from WHO, Ministry of Health affairs, Government of India and others through interactive Chat bot. Claritaz has extended this bot to be available for corporates to install in their websites free of cost for 120 days to serve their customers and employees through a friendly chatbot with minimal human intervention during this pandemic lockdown period.