AIDoings: Redefining the Education System Using Artificial Intelligence

CIO Vendor Artificial Intelligence is taking over almost every industry by storm and facilitating the transition towards fourth industrial revolution by unveiling infinite possibilities. However, while artificial intelligence is regarded as a technology transforming the social, business and academic interactions, the fact remains that adoption of AI has not yet reached its full potential, as many businesses lack scope and awareness about the technology adoption and use cases. Enabling organizations to adopt AI-based business strate0gy and thereby enhance productivity and achieve sustainable development is AIDoings, a Bangalore-based company.

Incepted in 2018 with a vision to redefine the education system to meet the needs of millennials, AIDoings offers advanced autonomous systems and AI agents tailor-made for the education industry. “AIDoings’ mission is to ensure that artificial intelligence powered autonomous systems that outperform humans at the most economically valuable work benefit the humanity. We build safe and beneficial AI agents for the millennial kids, but will consider our mission fulfilled if our work aids others industries also to achieve this outcome,” informs Uttam Panda, Founder & CEO,AIDoings. “The phenomenon of artificial intelligence is an important research area in psychology, neuroscience and brain science, especially more useful and significant for education community. This is what we are trying to integrate into the education system. We are here to redefine the current education system by the induction of the Deep Tech and the implement 4th industrial revolution products into the system,” he adds.

Tailor-made Solutions for Millennials
Koanex, the Consulting & Services wing of AIDoings, aims to utilize the Zen elemental wisdom to solve business problems by substituting formulation with real world experience. “We believe in applying business koans to solve strategic problems by utilizing our products and services
stack. Koanex consists of Zen master equivalents in the field of product management, embedded technology, AI and deep tech, who in collaboration with our team of domain experts provide innovation at scale to power our clientele in the era of the 4th industrial revolution,” elaborates Uttam.

The company’s product engineering team ‘Millennials: Research Wing’ is fully dedicated to build products and frameworks keeping in mind the millennial kids. Some of the products for the education industry built by ‘Millennials: Research Wing’ includes SuperHero-Dyslexia, an AI-based eye tracking technology solution to quickly determine children’s reading attainment; Purani Jeans- Relive Your School Days, an artificial general intelligence machine that helps in the management of a typical day in the life of a school-going child; and Milli-Companion for Kids, an AI-based solution that can intuitively understand and respond to the child’s moods through the emotional AI. The company’s Maddy team constantly engages and partners with various universities, educational institutions and companies and conducting workshops. The Maddy team is in the process of creating ‘Creativity Lab -STEM labs’ for schools that helps to bring-out the best in the students in the field of AI, ML, Robotics and IoT.

We are here to redefine the current education system by the induction of the Deep Tech and the implement 4th industrial revolution products into the system

The digital and e-learning is for sure going to disrupt the education system in future. The on-going coronavirus outbreak is also justifying the same, as many educational institutions are providing online courses like never before. Time has come to transform and redefine education system, and the point is whether you will join to make it happen or not,” concludes Uttam.