SSBA: AI & ML Enabled Industry First Products

CIO Vendor Artificial Intelligence coupled with Machine learning has paved way to a lot of advancements in industries and organizations. AI & ML powered financial technology solutions have completely revolutionized banking procedures, and payment methods for every micromacro economical activity and industry. SSBA Innovations not only finds solutions for financial technology but is also a great improviser and implementer of AI and ML technologies. “We strongly believe that technologies like these can cause a direct impact on financial advisory to our customers and end users at an affordable cost. This eliminates the routine finance advisory by our AI and ML financial product Tax and treasure advisory through We take a positive pride by saying that Tax advisory automation by TaxBuddy. com is a first product of its kind presented all over the globe” states Sujit Bangar, Founder of Taxbuddy. Sujit is an ex IRS and has done his Post Graduate from Harvard Business School. Based out of Mumbai, SSBA is a fintech company in financial services, Taxation and Tax Advisory.

AI has eventually started resolving complexities in systems and in the normal banking procedures by simplifying every process. The new GST and other regulations related to tax have caused many general issues to be addressed and have increased tax payments by 80 percent. has automated every interactive process in between tax department and individual tax payers. SSBA’s Deep Technology Embedded Application is designed and built to take on these bottlenecks in the taxation services.

Industry First Products
SSBA’s TaxBuddy is the first global experiment induced to automate every aspect of individual tax life cycle. Filing intuitive Tax statement is done flawlessly by using solutions based on Machine learning. If the tax payee
receives any statement from the government, it can be uploaded as a notice on the TaxBuddy application. Its intelligent algorithm rectifies issues on any particular tax case and automatically creates a responsive submission to the tax authorities. SSBA’s objective is to suggest good tax advice to every scale of tax payer at a cost effective price. SSBA is working towards making TaxBuddy a natural choice in Tax Advisory for the 70.3 million Indian individuals paying their taxes. SSBA ensures a wide range of solution for finance sector and has a product inline to be launched called Finbingo. com that provides financial planning services to individuals and industries. Finbingo is an AI and ML powered wealth planner that analyzes user’s social eco background, and lists outuser’s exact risk, while also devising asset based classification and outlaying goal centric investment solution in a short span of time. Finbingo analyses data to allocate credit to the users. When the account holder requires funds, the amount is transferred in just half a second to his/her respective account. The interest rate fluctuates as per the transaction and credit score history. SSBA is working hard to imply transaction credit as a replacement for the entire usage of credit card.

SSBA’s objective is to suggest good tax advice to every scale of tax payer at a cost effective price

Filing taxation needs right advice for every issue related to tax and TaxBuddy is impressively addressing those issues. SSBA has been innovating, integrating and implementing products for the financial market. Even though it was launched as a beta version, it received an overwhelming response by the users in the market who are ready to invest in SSBA fintech solution and avail their services. SSBA’s benchmark is to onboard 100 million paid Subscribers via delivering a reliable Artificial intelligence and Machine learning technology for banking sector and for other financial operations.