SeekNShop.IO: Increasing Customer Conversions by Enabling Discovery and Decision Making

CIO Vendor Driven by new age technologies, data available in today’s modern world is increasing exponentially, mostly unstructured. Hence, there is an utmost need to organize data into categories to make sure that it shows up when it is searched for. Especially for businesses related with ecommerce, it is very essential to recognize and analyze the requirements and behavior of their customer, as discovery and decision making is a common problem for all e-commerce shoppers. With businesses heading towards a more customer-centric approach, old keyword-based enterprise search engines of the past are becoming obsolete day by day. Hence, a new generation of enterprise search solutions that employ AI technologies such as Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML) to ingest, understand, organize, and query digital content will not just be an add-on, but, a current necessity.

Understanding the current need of this domain with detailed analytics and insights to transform an unstructured data to an useful insights, SeekNShop.IO based in Hyderabad, holds a team of Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence enthusiasts with extensive experience in e-commerce - but not limiting themselves to it - is determined to solve the problem of product discovery and decision making in e-commerce and other domains as well - Automotive Dealerships, Recruitment Portals and Apps, Hospitals for Patient Record Searches, Real Estate Portals, to name a few. With just a simple integration of API, SeekNShop.IO has been enabling their partners’ multi-channel commerce with a search that addresses all types of complex user query with great accuracy.

“Our mission is to facilitate a digital shopping experience that gives the very best in-store shopping experience i.e., conversational and free-text. We believe that with the power of natural language understanding and artificial intelligence, the problem of discovery and decision making can be solved in a more efficient way than the current mechanisms,” highlights SSVS Sarath, Founder & CEO at SeekNShop.IO.
Understanding Customers’ Unstructured Queries
As users never query in predicted patterns and e-commerce inventory can never match the same, SeekNShop. IO just brings to the table what is needed to understand user’s intent and translates it into the context of the inventory. SeeknShop.IO's Natural Language Search understands the language of the users and understands what they are actually looking for even when they use natural language or long tail queries. From Personalized and Self Learning Search to intelligent auto complete, the company’s Natural Language Search understands the unstructured user queries and auto-generates the relevant query facets apart from providing the classic faceted search. Moreover, with their self-serviceable customer support, customers can configure customized search result ranking, merchandising, URL redirects for merchandising pages for few specific queries, noise, synonym configuration and even precision configuration of search results.

Our mission is to facilitate a digital shopping experience that gives the very best in-store shopping experience i.e., conversational and free-text

“With SeekNShop.IO Patent Pending Natural Language Search, you can get an assured conversion increase of more than 20 percent for specific queries with 98 percent relevance within 50ms response time so that you never need to lose out on your high converting users,” adds SSVS Sarath.

Further Exploring Realms of Discovery and Decision Making
SeekNShop’s AI based Cognitive Agent - which can be integrated with any industry segment - can act as a virtual salesman providing human like interactive responses using chat/ voice interfaces which enables guided product discovery, common FAQs and non-inventory searches.

“We enable a chatbot which allows consumers to ask queries not only for inventory searches and product specification but also other aspects of the shopping from return policy, delivery, refunds, to name a few,” concludes SSVS Sarath.