SeaportAI : Heralding New Frontiers for Man and Machine

CIO Vendor Mankind has lived through waves of pandemics. Now we are at a stage where we can predict the outcome before it happens. Artificial Intelligence is bringing a paradigm shift to the way businesses are managed, powered by increasing availability of data and by drawing valuable insights from data through rapid progress of analytics techniques. This paradigm shift is helping businesses to be more proactive than reactive and helping them to stay ahead of the competition.

Did you ever imagine in the past that you can predict your health risks or failures in a machine with a high level of confidence? Did you imagine that one day we will be able to predict problems in man or machine based on a few vitals and hence take truly preventive actions?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine learning (ML) are making such predictions a cakewalk, taking the prediction capability of our systems to previously unimaginable levels From predicting diseases to failures in equipment to forecasting future demand.

History records the existence of AI and ML algorithms for over 50 years now. “It’s the proliferation of data and the advances in computing power that have made these algorithms mainstream now. Even though these algorithms have become mainstream, the advances are yet to fully benefit the end users in organizations on the wider spectrum”, says Govind Kumar, Founder and CEO, SeaportAI. There exists a significant gap between the technology and the end users in using these algorithms to solve business problems. Though this kind of gap has existed in the past in any tech initiative, the gap is significant this time around since AI and ML are not just at the intersection of technology and domain but at the intersection of technology, domain and statistics.

That said, it’s not a cake walk though for the end user. Having all the technologies around is one thing, and being able to comprehend and use the same is entirely different. With end users lacking expertise in statistics and advanced technology, the challenge is on technology evangelists to make AI and ML solutions simpler.

Based out of Chennai, SeaportAI is bridging the gap by humanizing the technology, making life easy for the end users. The analytics engine runs in the background and the users get to experience the benefits of advanced technology through a simple user interface. The highly intertwined and heavily threaded analytics world is now accessible to the common man, who can control their world with a simple yarn between the fingers.

With a global presence, SeaportAI helps clients to reduce costs, improve profitability and improve customer satisfaction through AI enabled analytics solutions. SeaportAI’s predictive analytics products are at the fore front of solving business problems with easy to deploy analytics products and solutions.

Industrial Analytics and Industry 4.0
First, the steam engine, then assembly lines, then software programs controlling hardware the mass production department has spun through different ideas. Now, it’s time to travel further Industry 4.0.

Industry 4.0 opens up the portals for 'smart' machines that can predict its own failure and trigger maintenance process autonomously. That is, the entire machinery is composed of decentralized sub units, that can take decisions independently. SeaportAI moots a solution for Industry 4.0 using AI and ML, boosting information transparency, interconnection, technical assistance and decentralization. Say hello to the manufacturing world that can solve urgent issues in short notice, and chisel out customized products even in mass production.

As quoted by the CEO of SeaportAI, “Ensuring continuity of factory operations is a critical requirement for an industrial establishment and failure of assets at a critical juncture can give the chief engineer sleepless nights. Using SeaportAI’s cutting edge analytics product, it’s now possible to proactively predict timelines of future failures in critical assets. In one of our deployments with a very large industrial organization, we reduced the
occurrences of down time by nearly 2/3rd in the first year itself, which translated to significant cost savings”.

Disease Prediction- A Giant Leap for Mankind!
Business management solutions have become an easy cake walk with the emergence of AI and ML algorithms. Our assets, let it be financial, work, machinery are all safe and secure, gripped by awe inspiring techniques of ML. But there is one entity which we use our entire life and cannot be guaranteed at all our human body! Well, what if we can predict its efficiency and give a certified seal? The infiltration of AI into the healthcare industry gives it a new dimension. It’s not a profit or loss game anymore! It’s now life and death!

Be ready to welcome a tomorrow, where, we’re all treated with personalized health care plans based on data and not just the results of clinical trials. As flag bearers of a new era, SeaportAI has pledged this radical realization!

SeaportAI’s AI/ML based solutions offer insights into propensity for diseases and helps to offer real time clinical care

Govind Kumar goes on to add that a machine learning based model can be trained in a matter of hours. Being at the cusp of major revolution in disease prediction, SeaportAI’s AI/ML based solutions offer insights into propensity for diseases and helps to offer real time clinical care. He feels that cancer prevention and management in particular are not just a major opportunity area in businesses but a giant leap for mankind!

RPA meets AI
Robotic process automation(RPA) has taken us a long way towards unlocking productivity benefits tied up in manual processes over the past few years and galvanized a mindset that things can change without a need for massive systems re engineering. The expansion into artificial intelligence(AI)is the next step of this granular, faster form of transformation, with more and more business activities either wholly or partially automated by increasingly sophisticated means.

Clearly, RPA that helps to automate routine tasks and AI are two parallel technologies that are changing the digital transformation of the organization. Seaport AI has leveraged the two technologies to deliver a grounds up RPA solution for a large MNC where the level of standardization in their processes was very minimal. As compared to using ready made RPA tools, the custom built RPA solution was not only 6x faster but also offered nearly 40 percent improvement in accuracy.

About Time to Use AI for Topline Enhancements
For a long time now, we have been hearing about Artificial Intelligence(AI) and how it has been growing because of the ever increasing heaps of data, advancements in storage technologies and powerful computing at very low costs. We have also heard about different AI use cases across industry verticals, some of which we never thought would be possible. However, thus far the main use cases of AI have focused primarily on internal people or cost reduction and bottom line efficiency metrics, whereas there are instances that prove that AI has the capacity to help organizations grow their top line as well. SeaportAI’s AI and ML solutions have helped companies to grow the top line by predicting customer behaviour, helping marketers to uncover high potential channels of marketing and offering real time insights into brand perception in social media.

For a wide spectrum of the population, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, is still a giant uncomprehendible scientific chunk. SeaportAI strives to break it down into smaller granules of understandable techniques, thereby unlocking the extensive opportunities and answers, for the common man.

Let this AI and ML algorithms work in the background, but the consumers and end users encounter a simple user interface for efficient talent utilization. As always, SeaportAI’s vision is to humanize the advanced technology for the benefit of consumers and end users; in short, dedicated to make your life easy!