Royal Cyber: Enabling Cognitive and Emotional Understanding of the Customers

CIO Vendor Customers will be able to manage 85 percent of their relationship with an enterprise without interacting with a human by 2020, as per a Gartner report. Last few years have seen no lessening in the demand for conversational AI platforms. Enterprises are progressively looking to deploy conversational AI platforms that are capable of truly understanding customers. AI Chatbots have evolved to become the best option to raise the bar, implement new engagement strategies, and win over customers. With such a vision, a Chicago-headquartered company, Royal Cyber, builds the best versions of AI Chatbots for business to enable automation of critical business processes through AI Agent Bot – a division of Royal Cyber.
Royal Cyber helps organizations compete in the global marketplace by focusing on a range of cutting-edge technologies, such as Commerce, Digital Transformation, Watson, Einstein, and Mobility, that redefines businesses worldwide. “Our AI expertise has paved the way for marketers to laser focus on their target market segments and reach their customers, while attracting new prospects and leads, with highlypersonalized messages delivered at the optimal time for conversion,” states Mustafa Peshawarwala, Founder & CEO of Royal Cyber.

Analytics and Emotion Recognition
Royal Cyber easily offers Analytics and Emotion Recognition features of the AI Agent Bot. While the company uses Analytics to improve virtual assistant communications and measures customer engagements, it also engages the Emotion Recognition feature to accurately understand people’s emotions through NLP and AI to surface the right answers at the right time. Royal Cyber also helps through combining realtime conversations with historical ones to help clients answer the toughest questions about engaged and retained conversations.
Since AI ChatBots started taking customer experiences to the next level as B2B, B2C, and C2B, communications are beginning to become automated.
This has enabled Royal Cyber to offer various models like Custom Bot, AI+Agent Hybrid Solution, Emotion Recognition, and Omni-channel Integration.

These conversational AI Platforms help Support Agents in their roles. The Hybrid AI+Agent solution seamlessly facilitates and allows the Hybrid AI to notify human agents to engage the user by analyzing their responses without breaking the context.

Our AI expertise has paved the way for marketers to laser focus on their target market segments and reach their customers, while attracting new prospects and leads, with highly personalized messages delivered at the optimal time for conversion

Expanding the Horizon of Conversational AI Platforms
In this segment, the company has successfully deployed three e-commerce ChatBots in three different languages (English, Chinese Traditional, and Chinese Simplified). Royal Cyber has more products and solutions to explore, like Cyber Shop, a complete e-commerce engagement platform, which is another app developed in-house that has attracted numerous clients across the world. It is a one-touch solution that gives the shopper a seamless and interactive experience; Test Automation Framework (TEAF), a robust automated testing framework developed with a testing approach for agile transformation; Monitor Pro, which is a Transaction Monitoring Solution built on IBM Middleware products. All these products have propelled the company to a level where it is starting to connect the gap between technology and business driving digital transformation