Lead Semantics: Unravelling the Power of “AI Plus” – Statistical AI boosted with Symbolic AI, for Cognitive Analytics

CIO Vendor The amount of data generated is increasing exponentially owing to the convergence of various technological forces like cloud, social platforms and mobiles. However, in today’s day and age, leveraging conventional methods of managing, transforming and analyzing the data, that is available both, internally (within the enterprise) and externally (social media, etc), is no longer sufficient. The advent of cognitive analytics has brought a new paradigm shift to effectively taming data with superior levels of accuracy as demanded by business processes. It requires a transformative technology that can be deployed in complex AI pipelines, master data management systems, big data procedures such as data lakes, etc where one applies reasoning to learning and delivers knowledge based analytics.

Machine learning algorithms, including deep learning and neural networks can be augmented by Semantic AI/ Semantic Graph Technologies can establish patterns from the common attributes and reasoning to determine future ones. The dynamic algorithms can accelerate the data discovery process and extract analytical insights from significant amounts of data. Its capabilities for establishing relationships and distinguishing context are further enhanced by semantic graphs along with other aspects of semantic web technology, like taxonomies, ontologies, open DB, etc.

North Carolina headquartered and Hyderabad based, Lead Semantics is one of the early innovators that deliver Semantic Graph Technology (symbolic AI) in addition to ML/ NLP (Statistical AI) in India. “We might be the only company in India, to have capabilities on Semantic Graph Technology. Capabilities in Statistical AI, viz., ML, are now table stakes. What we need is more than that – AI Plus”. By leveraging this technology, we are able to integrate disparate data types, large data sets and drive intelligence by adding a layer of reasoning, over and above, the regular ML techniques,” affirms Shravan Dantu, Chief Business Officer at Lead
Semantics. ML pipelines can be built on cloud infrastructure by leveraging Hiddime, their proprietary AI platform and by setting up VPCs exclusively for the client’s data assuring high security. On premise is an alternative that is also available.

For one of the largest micro-finance organizations in India, Lead Semantics delivered a model for Probability of Recovery Model for “Charged-off Loans” that led to the formulation of an Optimum Recovery Strategy. This lead to estimated benefits of about Rs.100 million! For a retailer in the US, Lead Semantics delivered AI Dashboards and real time Alerts. This was enabled by building a data lake that had an IN-Memory DB scaling up to 1TB data on a single node!

We might be the only company in India, to have capabilities on Semantic Graph Technology. Capabilities in Statistical AI, viz., ML, are now table stakes. What we need is more than that – AI Plus

Delivering Cognitive Analytics
What further amplifies Lead Semantics market presence is its partnership with Franz, a global leader in AI. Franz assists in successfully delivering Cognitive Analytics where the semantic layer that makes the data smart. Franz has collaborated with Intel and Cisco to engineer a Smart Data Lake for Montefiore to deliver cutting edge Cognitive Healthcare Analytics.

If the data organization is solved by building Smart Data Lakes, the next frontier is in building Knowledge Graphs, an application that collects several layers of knowledge related to the target, enabled by leveraging Semantic Graph Technologies. Shravan signs off, “Our aim is to help organizations by building easy to use/cost-effective Knowledge Graphs. This is our near to midterm bet for a hockey stick growth.”