Kontiki AI: Transforming Customer Interactions with Conversational UI Platform

CIO Vendor Chatbots are becoming increasingly popular for organizations all over the globe, with many using the virtual agent to handle a wide range of customer services. From speech-enabled interfaces that improve customer experiences to intelligent chatbots that deliver 24/7 customer service, and digital assistants that drive online sales revenue, Conversational AI is rapidly changing customer interaction. According to a recent research conducted by Gartner, 15 per cent of all customer service interactions will be completely handled by AI, by 2021, an increase of 400 per cent than 2017.
The use of artificial intelligence and the ability to converse in natural language is making these bots seem as if we are experiencing the future right now. Firstly, the strongest advantage that enterprises whether large or small will get from conversational AI is the power to connect faster, smarter and meaningfully with their consumers. Conversational AI will power their next wave of predictive customer engagements leading to faster conversions, stronger loyalty and enhanced Customer Experience. Secondly, Conversational AI will help brands stay relevant in today’s context; right from snack table, personalized training being given on the shop floor on demand to a busy traveler booking a connecting flight ticket on the bot. AI enabled chatbots will unlock long term value and short term revenue.
Therefore, organizations today want to ensure that the bots provide real tangible value to customers; help the organization in creating a marketing difference and at the same time not antagonize customers. Perfectly understanding the requirements, Bangalore headquartered Kontiki, enables businesses to deliver personalized one-on-one customer interactions in real-time, executed via Chatbots and Voicebots. Kontiki’s bots facilitate in driving sales and marketing efforts automatically. By leveraging the company’s deep investments in NLP & ML, Kontiki uses data smartly in order to amplify the bot capability, intelligence and experience. This is critical as it makes the bot more intuitive, and more ‘marketing’ powerful over a period of time.
“Our tech competencies are backed by NLP/AI capabilities with a very keen understanding of UI/UX design thinking, which enables conversational AI solutions to deliver the business problem statements,” affirms Manav Subodh, Chief Evangelist Officer, Kontiki AI. The company also builds data flows that enrich intelligence and help the solution become more robust and more profitable over a period of time. “Our end to end capability, tech stack and our advisory mindset help us in building more value to businesses,” he adds.
Kontiki acts as an enabler to deliver business solutions and at the same time it also acts as consultant to its clients, and therefore helps them chart their bot strategy and find opportunities to increase engagements and improve customer experiences via conversational AI.
ML powered Analytics Solution
Kontiki AI not only helps organizations in building conversational User Interface, but also provides deep analytics with it. The company’s Machine learning powered Analytics solution – Anchor, provides deep analytics and user behavioral data to organizations, which helps organizations to view every user conversation and behavior in real time.

Conversation flows
Chatbots are not only about visual interface, but they are all about conversations. Either your bot is supposed to be AI or rule-based, depending on the chatbot strategy, its conversation flow should be elaborated carefully. Firstly, there should be a proper on-boarding to introduce bot’s functionality at the start of a session. Moreover, it is critical to minimize user effort and build only clear and unambiguous bot messages. Chatbot gives you a lot of control over the conversation flow where we can choose from many available responses and actions to give your bot the knowledge and personality and to navigate through the scenario. This is where Kontiki’s Conversational UI comes into picture by mapping out and creating all possible dialogues and scenarios for the bot to respond to the user accordingly, without building any non-ambiguous bot messages.
Natural Language Processing, Multi Lingual Support and Spell Checker
NLP based chatbots are smart to understand the language semantics, text structures, and speech phrases. Therefore, it empowers developers to analyze a vast amount of unstructured data and make sense. NLP is capable of understanding the morphemes across languages which makes chatbots more capable of understanding different nuances. It gives chatbots the ability to understand and interpret slangs and learn abbreviation continuously like a human, while also understanding various emotions through sentiment analysis.
Kontiki’s Conversational User Interface understands the natural language communication of any and every user irrespective of the language being used whether grammatically correct or incorrect that helps the bot to understand the user query and respond accordingly.
It is also integrated with multi lingual support for both local and foreign languages as well. However, when it comes to natural language processing, it’s expected that the content typed by the user will have short forms or typos, therefore to solve this issue, Kontiki’s Conversational User Interface has enabled spell checker feature.

Our tech competencies are backed by NLP/AI capabilities with a very keen understanding of UI/UX design thinking, which enables conversational AI solutions to deliver the business problem statements

Speech Recognition and MultiPlatform Development
Once a bot is built and trained, it is highly imperative to know how good the bot’s NLP model is. Therefore, evaluating the bot’s performance is highly critical to delineate how well the bot understands the user utterances. Conversational bots are in need of constant training for better NLP and tested to respond to user utterances.
Kontiki has integrated the speech to text and text to speech functionalities for users to utter voice command to get relevant information. The company also helps clients build bots across platforms and websites that include Facebook messenger, Slack, Skype, mobile app based bots, SMS bots or any other platform.
Third Party API Integration and Access to ML Analytics Dashboard
Conversational Analytics is quickly becoming a primary need for businesses who want to know their audience and provide a better user experience. The major benefits of conversation analysis include sentiment analysis, enhanced social listening and greater personalization to better meet users’ needs. This data most importantly helps in making sense of how users are interacting with the chatbots and other devices with a conversational UI. Conversational data is highly imperative as it displays individual user’s interactions in real-time. With its ML powered analytics solution Anchor, which is also available in a dashboard format for developers and organizations it is easy to review the bot’s performance.
Kontiki integrates the bot in the organizations’ current website or existing mobile app or any other new platform, with its easy to integrate API feature.
Customer Retention and Engagement
Chatbots are proving to be a fundamental and fantastic tool in improving customer engagement and retention. As the technology behind the bots is advancing, their functionality is improving and they are now able to sort low level issues quickly. As the tech continues to develop, what is working best at the moment is that the chatbots are very effective in terms of customer retention and are increasing the time potential customers spend on a website. If a customer spends time on any website and is engaged enough to talk to chatbots, they then enter a very specific audience that can be marketed more effectively. In effect, these customers are already more identifiable and can be engaged quickly. This skips several steps of the much used sales funnels utilized by a majority of businesses online.
Kontiki’s Machine Learning Powered Analytics solution Anchor helps businesses retain customers and also helps in customer engagement as well. The company has also built the sentiment analysis for users and review messages that were unhandled.
Moving forward, Kontiki is planning to move across domains and become the preferred partner for brands looking to harness data and enhance customer experience globally.

The event organizers of Spikes Asia - one of Asia’s oldest and most prestigious awards for advertising wanted to offer their attendees an easy and hassle free support to plan their event schedules and access event-related information. Therefore, they approached Kontiki for a solution. Kontiki’s AI event assistant, Spikey, smoothly interpreted user queries relating to schedules, speakers, venues etc., by leveraging Natural Language Processing. This event Assistant boasted of various features such as Event Planner, Category based content segmentation using ML, free text search driven by NLP, personalized recommendation, setting alerts for the sessions of interests, review reminders, Geo Location and sentiment analysis using AI. Director of Kontiki AI, Payal Chakraborty, quoted on the bot’s personality in an interview with CEI Asia, “We then trained Spikey to respond to event-specific questions, but in a very conversational way. We also trained it against abusive content. A bot needs to have self-respect.”