Jubi AI: Providing Scalable and Reliable Omni-channel Conversational Experience

CIO Vendor Artificial Intelligence as a technology has moved from being a futuristic novelty to a tangible value-add for enterprise marketing. Reports suggest that 2019 has already witnessed deals valued over $6 million in the segment till date. With chatbots gaining mainstream adoption in every domain and revolutionizing humancomputer interactions, these virtual assistants have begun to transform the customer service landscape in India like never before. Not only is it making the execution of a task easier, it has brought a significant convenience in the way queries are solved.
However, these advantages are accompanied by some challenges with regard to its implementation. The developers must identify the exact needs that the chatbot will be able to meet. Owing to the lack of integration, bots may not be able to pull information in real-time. In many cases, the solution providers are still failing to provide a true Omni-channel experience, which is a holy grail for CX these days.
This is where Jubi AI has come up with its range of offerings, leveraging deep-data in conversational commerce. With a strong analytics module, the scalable and reliable Jubi bots are being perfectly deployed on various platforms with 24/7 availability, which creates a true Omni-channel experience. “We have a scalable Omni channel platform which handles massive number of queries every month; the kind of intelligence that we provide is very high-end and is appreciated by our customers. We are also targeting large problems like Financial literacy and inclusion & access to services with conversational commerce” highlights Subhadeep Bhattacharyya, co-founder and CEO at jubi.ai
Jubi AI has mostly been catering to the financial sector with companies like Bankbazaar, Bajaj Finserv, Mahindra Finance, Edelweiss, Prudent, Bharti Axa and 25+ more enterprises.
Jubi AI has received grants from the US government’s aid arm recently to administer social impact projects targeted at Indian states.

Human-like Super Bots
Intelligent super-bots with humanlike engagement feature add massive scale to customer support, engagement, online buying etc. Equipped with features like domain specific neural network, the industry-first third interface feature, portable architecture, go from anywhere-toanywhere feature etc, JubiBot can be a central piece to overall business transformation.

We have a scalable Omni channel platform which handles massive number of queries every month; the kind of intelligence that we provide is very highend and is appreciated by our customers

Multi-lingual and Behavior-first
At Jubi AI, the solutions are pre-programmed with advanced behavioral analytics and domainspecific abstracted NLP modules which in turn help in learning consumer behavior and choice mechanics. They have training data on various languages, and can build bots in any language as per the requirement. They have also started building bots for the Middle East zone, and are planning to build bots in Arabic language as well. In totally Jubi AI is targeting the top 15 most widely spoken Asian languages
“We have just set up the company in Singapore and also in the Middle East, which will give us access to the wider Asia region. Idea is also to be in the U.S by another year. Bots are coming and we are ready to lead the revolution” states Souvik, the co-founder and CTO of Jubi AI.