EAC Solutions: Providing Predictive Analytics Solutions to Obtain Better Business Insights

CIO Vendor As the volume of data generated by organizations today has increased enormously, it has become a daunting task for them to transform data into improved business opportunities. Therefore, it is highly essential for organizations to have a solution that helps them in obtaining the right information at the right time and get a single view of business operations to accelerate the pace of data analysis and visualization.

Perfectly understanding these challenges, Hyderabad based EAC Solutions with its extensive experience in providing transformational technology solutions using AI/ML, data science, and predictive analytics services helps its clients in obtaining better insights into their businesses. The company through these services enables organizations to develop customized statistical and Machine Learning models to stream analytics in real-time.

EAC Solutions focuses on providing technology services and builds applications from which customers can derive value. Through its machine learning and Natural Language Processing services, the company has built deep learning applications for Oil & Gas Industry, safety, and security solutions for construction industry and Predictive solutions for various industries such as manufacturing, retail, Education, Engineering & Construction industries. Currently, EAC is in the process of building platforms based on SaaS models that can be used by these industries.

Meaningful Insights for Proactive, Predictive, and Preventive Maintenance
Cognitive technology helps customers on two fronts. One is the Customer facing applications for user experience and backend applications where data is available for value generation. The more customers’ use these applications, the more data gets accumulated, thus improving the machine learning and resulting in more accurate predictions and outputs. Customers of various applications have to see value in optimizing the operations and continuously monitoring the users to understand their needs and provide them with better insights. Understanding the
importance of providing clients with better insights and user experience, EAC solutions has helped one of its clients from the Middle East to obtain meaningful insights from the data residing across business applications and find factors that need to be monitored for proactive, predictive, and preventive maintenance.

Over the years, EAC has understood that factors such as domain knowledge, customer involvement throughout the build cycle, focus on personalization, and customization for each customer is important as each of them are unique. Hence, it pays careful attention in refining each of these steps until deployment.

EAC Solutions provides transformational technology solutions using AI/ML, data science, and predictive analytics services to help its clients in obtaining better insights into their businesses

Conversational AI with best-in-class NLP
The combination of cognitive computing and SAP technology provides high-tech companies with a huge opportunity to re-imagine how their businesses operate and develop an agile organization and IT environment that can adapt to changing business conditions. “SAP has invested into chatbot platform for intelligent enterprise and its conversational AI comes with best in class NLP so that partners like us can build truly human conversational solutions to get intelligent insights,” affirms Shyamsundar Reddy Indela, MD & CEO, EAC Solutions. “Also, we have been working with few of our clients to solve complex business problems using SAP Leonardo machine learning services that help us find patterns and use API to embed into our solutions, leading to faster decision making,” he adds.

EAC Solutions is in the process of building products for Industrial IOT and Education sector and is engaged with a large Oil & Gas company to build text analytics solutions for the company.