Smart Beings Inc Voice: As The New Paradigm in Advanced LifeStyle

Not more than 20 years ago, a search engine was synonymous to Yahoo! A few years later, the Californian company was dethroned by a Silicon Valley start-up, Google, which has since become the undisputed leader of written web search and related services. The market now seems to be undergoing a new revolution with the emergence of voice control and intelligent assistants, a revolution that could upset the established competitive order. While we are at it, let’s not forget the recent Duplex demo that caused uproar of amazement and awe. 33 million voice-activated devices were installed in the U.S. by the end of 2017, according to VoiceLabs, and Gartner predicts that by 2020, 30 percent of our interactions with technology will be through

Dr.Sheri Gibson, VP-Health&Senior Care, SmartBeings(WooHoo)
‘conversations’ with smart machines. That is a
remarkable change of lifestyle we are headed towards. Imagine, seated in the corner of one of your bedrooms getting ready to step out and booking an Uber by just speaking out. Playing your favorite track on the home theatre or placing a video call with someone; what if you could do all of this by merely expressing through words, as though someone is listening and would do as you commanded. We could have called it a part of science fiction a decade ago, but not anymore. Voice is the new interface. It’s a radical transformation of the design and development of computers, after years of relying on eyes and hands, screens and touch, for our interactions with technology. The combination of improved AI and the new voice interface has led to a race to establish a foothold in the emerging smart home market and on mobile phones.

Chris Campbell, CEO of WooHoo Music

The WooHoo Phenomenon
While the market soars with Voice AI Assistants for Enterprises, every once in a while the market is energized with a product that changes paths and enters the more unconventional but necessary domain: the Smart Home. Pioneering the voice assisted AI technology in the Smart home domain, SmartBeings Inc designs AI-driven IoT products and platforms to solve real-world problems utilizing AI, deep learning, voice-based technologies(NLP& acoustics), facial recognition, security & data encryption and cloud connectivity. Hailing from California, SmartBeings built WooHoo, an award-winning Home AI Assistant and a Smart Home Hub. Powered with the world’s first integrated and cloud based IoT platform that delivers a personalized and intuitive user experience, SmartBeings’WooHoo has taken the world of smart home essentials by a storm. WooHoo by SmartBeings is the next generation of Voice Assisted solution that enables a true AI environment through 'personalization'. WooHoo the interactive and intuitive AI assistant not just leverages but consolidates and simplifies business processes in a user-friendly environment. Icons on the touch screen are simplified and universal for business applications. Voice allows personal inaction to the AI environment furthering ease of use. WooHoo is arguably the only Enterprise AI Assistant in the world with a built-in 4G LTE. Its strategic partnership with Telcos ensures that the devices are always connected while allowing making phone or video calls.

Himanshu Kaul, Co-Founder& Chief Strategy Officer, SmartBeings Inc

AI Voice-as-a-Service is the Key to Enterprise Level Digital Transformation
The rapid growth of smart city concept, sustainable resources and smart businesses, delivery of smart user experience has become the prerequisite for a visionary smart user experience. A team that gathers its individual decade old experience from enterprise business application companies like SAP, Oracle and Salesforce, assisted with an engineering team from leading Consumer electronics companies and UX design teams with experience from Apple, has enabled SmartBeings to understand the simplicities in complex business processes. Therefore, with their combined know-how and ingenuity, the team at SmartBeings built a unique solution combining intuitive user experience, Conversational Voice AI(VaaS) Assistant and analytics platform for innovative Enterprises. Typical cloud environments for voice assisted devices today are designed for standard functionality, connectivity, NLP (Natural Language Processing)and demographic data used particularly for ecommerce. WooHoo’s VaaS cloud platform enables customization of the data collected from each device, in the WooHoo Hub, thereby collecting only pertinent data for the business. Moreover, Small to large professional offices or point-of-sale are all strong options for a voice activated assistant. It can reshape the core functioning methodologies and push efficiency to a higher level. However, every business has a different set of challenges and requirement. Therefore, SmartBeings allows customers to customize, build, and brand the whole AI Assistant device, SaaS based Enterprise Platform and apps based on their requirements. “By customization, we mean building, branding and
designing the user interface as per customer various requirements”, adds Steven Kim, VP of Sales - Enterprise AI for SmartBeings Inc.

Reaching out to Diverse Verticals
Currently, SmartBeings is working with several customers worldwide in enterprise side, involving vertical like Hospitality, Banking, Healthcare, Automotive, and Retail & Services. SmartBeings's product lines, include the WooHoo all-in-one Digital and Voice AI Assistant device with touchscreen display and smart camera, WooHoo's AI Engine and cloud based Enterprise Platform and mobile apps. This allows customers build an end-to-end integrated solution that may allow large companies to use voice on-demand functionality to check organizational reports from Business applications like SAP, and Salesforce etc. Executives and Management teams are enabled to check sales forecast, inventories, travel & expenses, schedule meetings and make video conference calls, all of these from their customized Enterprise AI Assistants. Hospitality providers like Hotels and property builders, can create completely customized and branded user interfaces that provides a welcoming and convenient guest experience. In the Banks, there are several innovative use cases that may include security and emotion analysis with WooHoo's deep learning based facial recognition, answering frequently asked questions like documents needed for loans or providing instant video conference calls with customer service agents. Likewise, digital AI Assistants like WooHoo have a huge application in the Healthcare industry including cases, as potentially important as, Senior Care. Consumers wanting to be able to keep tabs on their beloved elders, their security and entertainment and emergency situations, have always found a good Samaritan in voice powered AI assistants. One could just say Ok WooHoo, or Help; and it would activate SOS emergency services and call up nearest relatives or even ambulance services”, explains Dr. Sheri Gibson, VP- Health & Senior Care, SmartBeings (WooHoo).

Pioneering the voice assisted AI technology in the Smart home domain, SmartBeings Inc designs AI-driven IoT products and platforms to solve real-world problems

WooHoo's AI platform with pre-built intelligent flow composers and template based apps and scenarios allow enterprises to easily configure, scale and deploy their enterprise-wide AI Assistants. Voice Assistants find most use cases in music and therefore, a music streaming app was developed by SmartBeings that is availed with all WooHoo AI Assistants. According to Chris Campbell, CEO of WooHoo Music, it would allow companies to enable their customers at Retail stores etc to connect to their product in a more unique and lasting way.

Ventures that Testify the Expertise
SmartBeings has proven to become a promising partner for innovative enterprises that seek to become market leaders by developing customized Digital and Voice AI Assistants for their internal use and customers. A reputed chain of hotels require a device with a screen that can recognize the guests on their arrival and greet them. SmartBeings has enabled this functionality while also allowing the device to be used to operate the switches, set up alarms, reminders, and display top attractions in the city. In the banking sector, a similar situation exists with the end-consumers who wait in line with the same questions regarding loans and its various requirements. SmartBeings has capabilities to build FAQs, which the bank can customize with their product-specific answers and delight customers with voice-first banking experience. Besides, this is in addition to customizing the name, and adding features like Automatic Speech Recognition(ASR). This tailor made approach for solutions has brought the company to a far-stretching filed of opportunities, with success being the by product every time.

Joe Santos, Chief Digital&Marketing officer for WooHoo
A Promise to Innovate Further
“Innovation is about creating a degree of Laziness in all the good perspectives”, exclaims Himanshu Kaul, Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer, SmartBeings Inc.

The journey that SmartBeings has set sail on has an ocean of possibilities and challenges to solve and emerge a victor. Facial recognition, for instance, is one of the most important aspects of the product as it has never always been about the voice. Some of the features and functionalities can be activated by the face recognition technology as well. A large coffee chain brand that wants to understand the demographic analysis of the customers, may take help from WooHoo as it has voice, a screen with IoT and AI capabilities. “We provide very personalized experiences with those abilities and that is our competitive edge”, adds Joe Santos, Chief Digital & Marketing officer for WooHoo.

Steven Kim, VP of Sales-Enterprise AI for Smart Beings Inc

SmartBeings is looking down to dive deep into more management and conference capabilities along with expanded machine learning to improve AI business automation and simplification. These AI improvements will include ease of customization of OTA applications to further leverage the personalization capabilities of the WooHoo Hub and IFTT processes via the WooHoo VaaS platform. With a technology expertise so strong, SmartBeings is thrilled to become the first AI Assistant player to focus on Enterprise and expand globally there on.