Mind IT Systems: Bringing Possibilities to Reality to Achieve More via Technology

Shailendra Gupta, CEO
As a new factor of production, AI has the potential to introduce new sources of growth, changing how work is done and reinforcing the role of people to drive growth in business. Established in 2014, based out of Delhi, Mind IT Systems believes that Artificial Intelligence should not be looked at as a stand alone tech but as an all pervasive and overarching concept that has potential to bring varying things together. Mind IT Systems focuses and builds AI powered solutions via Custom Application Development, Product Engineering, Enterprise Solutions, Business Intelligence and Analytics. This is in line with the company’s operational belief that AI encompasses not just Natural Language Processing or chat-bots, but also RPA, Block chain and Digital Transformation. “As the technical arena is evolving, we believe in an AI First approach because not every problem is human worthy and technology can take up a lot of mundane tasks, so that human intelligence can be put to better use”, enlightens Shailendra Gupta, CEO at Mind IT Systems.

In context to Shailendra’s elaboration, Mind IT Systems has proven their cross industry expertise in innovation with newer technologies and use cases. All the solutions are developed on the premise of scalability, security and usefulness with an underlying intention of evolving and being relevant over time.

Committed to Delivering the Best
Every transaction generates data which can be analyzed to predict the future need and facilitate decision making. With the advent of AI, catalyzed by software solutions, this process has leveled up by making use of deep learning techniques to learn and improve every day. Mind
IT Systems has worked with a plethora of clients to build their systems, streamline their process areas as well as provided extensive data analysis for demand prediction, sales forecasting, decision support etc. Such data is generally used in business evolution and process efficiency as well as enhancing planning and implementation. “We work closely with business to bring actionable intelligence”, adds Shailendra. Mind IT Systems is capable of supporting in mining this business value through consulting, articulating, architecting, and developing AI systems for any part of the clients’ business process. This support can transform organizations into becoming truly dynamic with accelerated growth by developing custom web and mobile solutions for omni-channel presence.

All the solutions are developed on the premise of scalability, security and usefulness with an underlying intention of evolving and being relevant over time

Moreover, Mind IT Systems works extensively on cloud and serverless applications. Making it an everyday practice, they use proven and industry-standard cloud based services like– Messaging, Cognitive, Image-processing, Machine Learning etc. to overcome the challenges of quality, scalability and responsiveness. By using the best available components, Mind IT Systems ensures that their clients receive the best-in-class data security, app availability, autoscaling and quick turn around time.

As the AI infuses more and more into every segment of business process chain, Mind IT Systems shows promises to stand equipped at the forefront, ushering in a new era of integrated, intelligent software to impact and empower humanity.