Kontiki Labs: Building Next Generation of Customer Focused Ai-powered Conversational Chatbots and Voicebots for Driving

CIO Vendor With regards to better understanding the user intent, businesses are investing heavily on AI powered solutions such as machine learning based virtual assistants that boost intelligent conversational interfaces to facilitate seamless conversations between products and services. Emphasizing on the democratization of AI, Bengaluru headquartered, Kontiki Labs delivers AI products and AIaaS at the same time, for better decision-making, customer acquisition, customer engagement and problem solving across domains. Being a design first, AI, digital products company, Kontiki Labs is the forerunner in the conversational user interface design and development.

Convenience and automation have increasingly become daily necessities for businesses looking to streamline their sales and marketing services. However, sadly, due to the cost and ease of implementation and maintenance, these benefits often remain limited to enterprise companies. Organizations, big or small, share the same set of goals, therefore Kontiki Labs decided to deliver the privileges of AI based tools to every business alike. Kontiki made it their mission to make conversational user interfaces, easily accessible and deployable for small businesses. To align with this goal, the AI player has already done the heavy lifting in the last one year by making the technology top notch. It is designed to work on a plug and play model that becomes easy to implement and use for businesses of all sizes. This ranges from creating the conversations flows to creating the bot user experience; and at the same time, from core development to deployment and Machine Learning powered analytics. As part of their recent developments, multi-label image detection solution and Optical Character Recognition (OCR)-based solutions using CNN (Convolutional Neural Network), has enabled Kontiki to stand tall in the crowded market of image recognition solutions. In a consumer
focused use case like ecommerce, Kontiki facilitates automated product categorization. For Conversational Search, the company uses both, NLP and image recognition to enable the search for products and information on any given platform. Leveraging the chat/conversational approach, the need for users to select filters and categories to find a relevant product is eliminated, there by inducing a better experience.

Kontiki made it their mission to make conversational user interfaces, easily accessible and deploy able for new-age businesses

In a very recent venture, Kontiki designed and built an AI-powered e-commerce chatbot - to drive PC sales - on Shopclues for one of Silicon Valley’s tech giants. For the first time ever, a chatbot was deployed across APJ with the objective to drive PC awareness and purchase for the growing electronics category in the region. As a customer-facing chatbot, this bot was not only trained to drive sales but also to provide a seamless, fast and meaningful conversational shopper journey.

In a similar, but greatly significant project, the team at Kontiki built an AI-powered chatbot for Spikes Asia 2018 Festival of Creativity, one of APAC's biggest marketing and advertising events, from the stables of Cannes, France. Kontiki’s chatbot tasted success in terms of both, impact and engagement, with very strong metrics across the duration of the festival.

Considering chatbots as just the tipping point, Kontiki Labs is in a projectile to build, scale and democratize power of AI and conversational user interfaces, use it solve deeper issues in the world we live in.