Enterprise Bot: Swift AI Powered Contact Center Transformations

Pranay Jain, CEO& Co-Founder
Customer service has been broken for ages now. There is nothing more frustrating than calling an airline or a bank and being on hold for over 30 minutes listening to sombre music. Customer intensive industries go through a very lengthy process attending to these customer grievances and an even longer time to resolve their issues. These long wait times are expensive not just in terms of time, but also cost which can average upto USD 2 and significant loss in customer satisfaction. Enterprise Bot has taken this exact problem as their focus area to resolve with their AI engine able to automate the entire process to reduce the time to answer to less than 3 seconds and save significant costs as well.

While there are many AI enabled chatbots coming to the market the implementation of the same has been cumbersome for most businesses. AI customer service providers struggle to settle on an expert who can get the setup ready in days and not months or years. Headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, with an Indian Office in Bengaluru, Enterprise Bot has dedicated its efforts in changing the way business owners execute contact center transformations from a manual process to an automated one that just needs to be connected with the existing software suite to start the AI automation journey. Further they understand the needs of enterprises from data security and on premise or private cloud deployments to deep integration with legacy and ERP systems. Whether it is a query to understand the status of a purchase order in SAP or a customer facing bot that helps customers ask questions about interests or charge on their card, Enterprise Bot’s AI has allowed the cumbersome process to be changed
to a simple human like conversation.

Saving Resources for Businesses to Focus on their Core Expertise
Addressing the challenges faced during implementation, Pranay Jain, CEO & Co-Founder says, “There are a lot of chatbots coming in the market, but the biggest problem is the data quality. It is quite low and in terms of customer satisfaction it creates a huge gap”. Leveraging existing historical data and CRM, Enterprise Bot is able to provide real data to their chatbots, instead of going through the time consuming process of creating manual data. Further this is supplemented with industry specific data sets of Enterprise Bot to reduce the time taken to achieve high accuracy and domain knowledge. This approach has enabled this contact centre automation provider to handle 25 percent of the contact center activities for businesses and save millions of dollars in costs. Generali Insurance, Six Securities (Part of the Swiss Stock Exchange), Six Payment Services, After pay and PWC Switzerland are few of the reputed clients of Enterprise Bot who are already seeing the benefits of EB’s AI.

Enterprise Bot is able to provide real data to their chatbots, instead of going through the time consuming process of creating manual data

Enterprise Bot is also one of the few companies that is able to offer the technology not just for chat but also for E-mail and voice.

As next steps Enterprise Bot is digging deep to evaluate methods that can allow contact centers to do the entire automation in a few clicks and have just launched a beta version.