Digiligo: Building a Digitally Advanced Business Ecosystem

Ashwin Gopinath,CEO& Co-founder
Artificial Intelligent(AI)- powered machines and software have started to unshackle from human supervision, thereby embarking on their fateful path as sentient beings. The very present example is the virtual assistant of Google that caused a stir in the AI industry with its ability to make a phone call to book a hair cut appointment. Astonishingly, one couldn’t differentiate the AI from the human in the salon, because of its awe striking human like responses. The human kind has made remarkable advancements to mimic humans themselves. Consequently, the AI domain is witnessing the rise and fall of thousands of AI solution experts every day. But the ones that stay are the ones with a vision to bring about transformation.

Right from Digital Marketing to Corporate Employee Transportation Applications to Traffic Intelligence, Bangalore based Digital Media and Technology Start-up, Digiligo is ushering in a new wave of AI and IoT based solutions. With its complete end-to-end AI solutions, Digiligo is shifting the power dynamics amongst the business echelons for several verticals across the globe. Under such AI genre, a particular ensemble, currently earmarked as a watershed solution, is under research and rapid prototyping. It’s Digiligo’s ‘Taximetry'- a Corporate Employee Transportation application which is slotted to be launched soon.

other hand, the sound knowledge and exposure in social Intelligence and data analytics helps Digiligo develop most suitable and desirable solutions for its customers in other advanced technologies like Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality, and Virtual Reality. Consummating the brands and several large scale MNCs, the company proffers solutions that collect consumers’ data through Social Intelligence and their online conversations. Digiligo believes
setting up Social Intelligent Command Centres(SICC) would be the norm for applying intelligent and productive CRM practises for brands especially in high-end and continuous usage categories.

The Driving Technology Factor
Digiligo’s R&D team are brainstorming constantly to bringout several uncontested AI based solutions in the market. Taximetry is one such unique product with several exceptional features. With Taximetry making use of AI to optimize employee satisfaction, cost, safety, driver efficiency and route optimization, the company is converging several high powered configurations in one single platform. With several Corporate Employee Transportation apps like Moveinsync, and Telematic, etc. already plying the existing market, Digiligo is creatively tailoring several run-of-the-mill solutions. While Taximetry is equipped to track fuel usage through IoT sensors, the more important parameter is its ability to detect drowsiness of the drivers through the Advanced Driver Assistance Systems(ADAS). This system uses video and facial analytics & recognition. Additionally, it is designed to reduce cost by 30-40 percent for the corporate in fleet management, route management and other such capabilities.

Digiligo’s sheer consistency to leverage the power of AI is evident from their teams ability to develop a plethora of products and solutions. Computer Aided Semen Analysis is one such application. A biomedical Imaging and Video Processing system, designed for semen analysis. It provides an accurate semen morphology through an optimized algorithm for real time performance. This algorithm takes into consideration several features from DNA fragmentation to sperm concentration with 95 percent accuracy.

Collating Future Analytics and Intelligence
Digiligo is unsettling the ways in which various industries function. Focusing particularly on meeting demands as per requirements, Digiligo is deploying various AI powered ensemble across multiple corporate, thereby, disrupting the line of basic technology providers. The technological arm of the company is slowly and steadily making its mark in the coming future where the functional transformations will be obvious, and users experience as surreal.