Connecticus Technologies: Cognitive Velocity Development based on Field Experience

Amar Deshmukh,Founder& Director
Unlike the concept 20-30 years ago, AI has a different concept all together now, with varied sub categories and an incredible potential to premature across all our lives. Now, AI is more of having to do with performing specific tasks in a more constrained environment and letting go off the manual labour for more human centric tasks. Headquartered in Pune, Connecticus Technologies Private Limited, with its in-depth expertise in crafting the solution using AI’s transformative impact, has been meeting business needs of different market segments.

Connecticus treats AI’s primitive notion of ‘immense potential in the future’ as their first premise. For the company, this will apply heavily in near future, but the algorithms and criteria of their choice will remain a plain function of field experience. This AI domain player understands the problems, helps understand the problems, works it over on the criteria of business justifications not similar to all, and builds on velocity. “It is the most important factor in our methods of working to bring in velocity of development since we are developing solutions right on field based on the analytical requirement understood from the prestudy”, adds Nikhilesh Joshi, Director at Connecticus.

Leveraging ML Technologies
Connecticus works on three overlapping domains or engineering - Machine, Platforms and the Crowd. Besides, with cognitive APIs being made available by technology giants like Microsoft, IBM, Google, and Amazon, Connecticus relies on 40+ ML algorithms built inhouse to address the business needs of different domains requiring a customized solution. Connecticus has also spent significant amount of time and efforts in Speech processing, Natural Language processing(NLP), Text analytics to solve the business-critical problems that are related to customer service delivery.

Connecticus’Nessa BOT is a horizontal platform designed to automate perceptual and judgment-based tasks through the integration of multiple cognitive capabilities including, natural language
processing, machine learning, and speech recognition. Currently built for ITSM domain, the BOT has gathered extensive field experience in understanding user requirements in all areas of ITSM and implementing the front-end assistant based on personas of business profiles.

Connecticus works on three overlapping domains or engineering - Machine, Platforms and the Crowd

It uses tested and advanced NLP engines to provide the conversational layer for better user interactions. Nessa plans to build other domains such as PLM, Finance in near future based on ongoing engagements with OEMs. The objective is to replace the routine job performed by the service desk, and the other personas in the ITSM space like change management, incident management, impact analysis or CMDB graphs. “Connecticus prefers providing a complete end-to-end solution relieving the customers from managing multiple stakeholders”, states Amar Deshmukh, Founder, Connecticus Technologies.

Nikhilesh Joshi, Director

Connecticus has built a model for the VA/VE within the ecosystem of functional transformers like DevOps. In the years to come Connecticus intends to mature the product not into a static machine with functions added as needed, but dynamically build on templates as business needs face issues to solve. Believing in customer partnered innovation to solve the great problems that they have, this technology domain expert’s goal remains to strengthen its expertise in AI based technologies such as conversational UI, Augmented Reality, Virtual reality and BCI(Brain Computer interface).