Cere Labs: Turning The Dark Data That Lies Beneath Into A Corporate Goldmine

Devesh Rajadhyax, Co-founder and CEO
According to a recent IBM study, over 80 percent of all data is dark and unstructured. IBM estimates that this will rise to 93 percent by 2020, given the scenario where AI will be driving all vitals. As per the statistical estimate, 85 percent of corporate data can’t be captured and hence, are locked. Furthermore, 39 percent of data can’t be analysed, 25 percent of data can be accessed only if they are structured, and 66 percent of corporate data gets converted to dark data due to missing links. These untapped data costs the global industry to a tune of USD 3.3 trillion and more. Harnessing such a massive trapped data into a corporate goldmine, Mumbai based company, Cere Labs is exploring and emerging itself in the AI spectrum. Using AI techniques, Cere Labs converts dark data into structured data. With its experience in working with AI, Cere Labs helps companies to start using AI with its B2B offerings, tools and domain knowledge.

With the increased usage of Robot Processing Automation in every organization, the need to convert unstructured data into structured has risen. The cost and time factor have increased exponentially due to which the companies are stepping towards Cognitive Process Automation (CPA). Cere Labs with its seamless approach of CPA to convert emails, handwriting, pdfs, videos or any such document to a ‘structured and coherent’ data has made CPA the ultimate successor to RPA. Moreover, with the advent of Digital Transformation, CPA has
become an example of differentiator between the Digital and IT systems. While IT transformation starts with the identification of needs and designing the system to understand what type of data will be created, digital transformation starts with identifying existing data. Herein, Cere Labs with its CPA increases the spread of the data that an organization can use to shape the digital transformation of the organization. Cere labs has the expertise to convert dark data into structured data and then use it for automation and analytics both. The company has uniquely positioned itself in the market through a single platform that presents a unique approach to combine Deep and Machine Learning with Knowledge Based methods. Still in its nascent form, the company is in process of acquiring a patent for such a platform. Called ‘Cerescope’, this AI platform developed by Cere Labs from scratch is key to converting unstructured and dark data to structured data.

Cere labs has the expertise to convert dark data into structured data and then use it for automation and analytics both

Putting dark data to work
The Cere Labs platform is multi-purposed and serves various industries. “In the future, we are set to embark in the pharmaceutical, healthcare, banking and defence domains”, informs Devesh Rajadhyax, CEO & Co-founder at Cere Labs. With such an exemplary outreach, Cere Labs is marching ahead with all its ardour, while vying itself as the premier AI solution provider putting all the dark data to work.