Aitoe Labs: High End And Customized Ai Models With Uncompromising Accuracy

Vishal Kaushal,Chief Technology Officer

Surveillance cameras around the city are just cameras recording with some person¬nel looking at it. AI gives the cameras brains. Now, having said that, possibilities in video analytics domain just quadrupled. Based out of India and Seattle, AITOE Labs (owned by aiSIGHT Video Analytics Pvt. Ltd.) aims to leverage Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to solve business problems that require Visual Intelligence Solutions. AITOE Labs’ video analytics platforms have dramatically boosted the accuracies at an affordable range of price. This AI domain player’s sheer ability to customize their AI models based on customers’ data and requirements makes it the preferred choice of major technology driven enterprises. Mentored very closely by Prof.(Dr.) Ganesh Ramakrishnan, Associate Professor, Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering, IIT Bombay and led by Dr. Rishabh Iyer (B.Tech., IIT Bombay and PhD in AI and Deep Learning, University of Washington, USA), Anurag Sahoo (B.Tech HKUST), Vishal Kaushal (Silver Medalist IIT Kharagpur with over 15 years Tech experience and currently a Research Scholar perusing his PhD at IIT Bombay), Krishnan M. (ex-CFO Siemens Nixdorf, India), and a team of over 15 ML scientists and engineers, AITOE Labs sports more than 50 years of combined experience in Deep Learning, ML and AI. AITOE Labs has an exclusive license from IIT Bombay and the National Center for Excellence in Technology for Internal Security (NCETIS) for deploying Video Analytics solutions to several Government and private organizations.

Rishabh Iyer, Chief Science Officer
AITOE Labs’ offerings help users watch hours of surveillance footage in minutes and consequently extract the required insights via deep
learning enabled algorithms. The company enables the user with the insights such as proactive alerts upon breaking compliance rules; Instant Post-incident analysis through natural language search; Statistics giving the user peak and low hours, activity heat-maps and path maps; and video summarization, which shows video trailers of all important events, occurred during the day. AITOE Labs is currently piloting and deploying their products and solutions in several verticals including financial services(ATMs and Banks), industrial facilities, construction monitoring, education as well as smart cities and governments. As of today, AITOE Labs is working on Pilots with 5 Major Organizations in these verticals, with Letters of Intents worth more than 1 Million USD.

Unique Customization Capabilities
Analytics is vulnerable when AI model is trained on generic images and does not have context of the data from the deployment scenario. AITOE Labs has overcome this bottleneck by creating a Quick Data Training Pipeline. In this approach, AITOE Labs takes historical data from the premise where the product is to be deployed in and applies several Machine Learning techniques both supervised and unsupervised which in turn helps to preselect a new dataset. The resultant AI model infused with this new dataset is fine tuned to run detections at more than 95 percent accuracies.

Anurag Sahoo,Co-Founder& CEO

AITOE lab’s customized AI models have catapulted the company to great heights. This aspect has al¬ways remained an exceptional feature of the organization. For a manufacturing facility requiring customized analytics to detect specific custom objects in their facility, AITOE Labs deployed their customized models in the premise, and drastically reduced the number of false positives. With constant zeal to be on the cutting edge of AI, AITOE Labs has proven over time with their on-point solutions that expansion to larger segment of customers including national security, border security and smart city deployments will be a piece of cake. Besides, further innovations are lining up.