Light Information Systems: Harnessing the Potential of NLP for Enhanced Man-Machine Interactions

CIO Vendor Few technologies have the transformative potential to reshape how we live, move, and work. Artificial intelligence(AI) is the 21stcentury equivalent of electricity and the Internet. The roles of shopping assistants, customer care agents, Virtual HR, Executive assistants for management can be better performed by AI NLP Assistants. However,in all such roles the biggest challenge is faced by machines to be able to understand natural language there by giving the limelight to NLP to take over and present a resolution. Pune headquartered Light Information Systems has been taking major research leaps in NLP AI for over 4years. The company has developed proprietary algorithms capable of understanding natural language inputs semantically, set the context with structured and unstructured data; generate a natural language response to the same and eventually take action based on the conversation.

NLP Bots - Unlike any other Chatbot

Typical bots work without any Natural Language Understanding or Generation capability and work based on classifier -i.e. if the user question falls into a specific class in the classifier it will always return the scripted answer, irrespective of the user’s need. In some cases these bots can also be scripted to respond to common phrases and greetings due to lack of real language understanding, causing huge limitations and preventing scalability. NLP Bots by Light Information Systems bring the ability to understand user queries and process data using over 40 Proprietary algorithms like Query Semantic Analysis, Semantic Role labeling, 5WH analysis, Triple Relation Extraction, An aphora Resolution, Dis course Representative Structure, Common Sense Reasoning, Evidence Scoring,etc. The company significantly improved some of the algorithms in the NLP space
with regards to ATD,Tree representation Structure, Machine Learning, LAT, NER and AMR. Simply put, the collection of algorithms along with neural networks makes it much simpler for us to talk to machines.

AI Assistants’as we would like to call them are replacing humans in Customer contact centres, HR recruitment, Executive support, Shopping assistance, Help desk,etc

Light Information System’s NLP Bots understand the domain and the stake holder language, making it easy to automate, manage and scale simple to complex interactions for an enterprise. This suit of AI Assistants is driven by semantic understanding and multi dimensional learning with unstructured text and structured data. NLP Bots provides improved customer experience by means of instant responses, free flowing conversational assistance personalized experiences, and action at reduced costs, giving all the more reasons for this technology to become disruptive.

Presently, Light Information Systems is winding up to launch a self sign up model giving away the ability to set up one’s own AI assistant by connecting the company to the business’s data.“In corporate our 'AI Assistants' as we would like to call them are replacing humans in Customer contact centres, HR recruitment, Executive support, Shopping assistance, Help desk,etc.”elaborates Sanjeev T Menon, CEO, Light Information Systems. The company’s ability to semantically understand the user without having him/her to feed the right keyword, gives an edge over typical chatbots that identify indents based only on keywords and produce scripted responses.