IceCream Labs: Visual Intelligence to Drive Value for Businesses

CIO Vendor Though AI has been around for over 40 years, the abundance of data in enterprises,the evolution of AI platforms like deep learning and commoditization of specialized hardware like GPUs, still makes application of AI in the enterprise, a viable option. Companies have huge amount of customer data in CRM, marketing and customer service applications. Combining these large volumes of data to get a holistic perspective of the customer is a reality with AI today. Headquartered in San Francisco with an Indian office in Bangalore, Ice Cream Labs provides AI SaaS solutions for enterprise, retail & distribution customers. The company’s core solution enables Smart Merchandising, Sales and operations management using Machine Learning, Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing.

Accuracy and reliability in deep learning aided computer vision is relative to the scope and specificity of the problem one is looking to solve. AI/ML offerings by the company have helped many of its clients solve problems beyond the accepted levels of accuracy or reliability, previously thought intractable. AI models have recently been developed and research published that outperform humans in some domains. Ice Cream Labs has developed AI solutions that have out performed human curators in cases where cognitive ambiguity is generally high. Moreover, IceCream Labs ventures into deep learning to help customers analyze data sets usually comprising images and videos of unimaginable computation, to not just provide corrective measures but also help set goals for each quarter.

AI Backed Effective Marketing The company focuses and works towards enabling adoption and implementation of AI into existing businesses. IceCream Labs’product provides retailers, distributors and suppliers with a simple and intuitive ways to automate and
optimize Merchandising and Sales for their eCommerce catalog. These automation solutions involve product categorization, attribute extraction, enhancing product content, associating product reviews & rating and embedding product videos. All if these are provided as SaaS services and are built on proprietary Machine Learning, NLP and computer vision algorithms, thus ensuring right visibility and solving the problems of content creation and category scaling for the eCommerce platform.

Ice Cream Labs has developed AI solutions that have out performed human curators in cases where cognitive ambiguity is generally high

Using IceCream Labs’ AI platform, customers can scale and optimize product offerings within weeks increasing revenue opportunities with limited cost impact. The product also uses the data and images provided by the Product Supplier to ensure that it matches the listing requirements of major eCommerce companies.Computer vision has transitioned from a research topic with few commercial applications to a main stream technology with applications in all sectors of our economy. IceCream Labs have been at the forefront of computer vision problems and have started with a delivery context-specific advertisement for images. Currently,the company is working with a number of clients in enabling actionable cohorts from videos and images including making major strides in visual search.

Viewing Data management, model farming and model development as three critical areas for innovation,IceCream Labs envisions providing a strong enterprise grade multi-model application that is powered by AI, with abilities to address multiple functional and business problems.