CloudSek: Web Risk Management Using Cloud based AI

CIO Vendor Driven by developments inartificial intelligence (AI)and easy access to huge amounts of data, smart systems will assist, andat times even replace, human ledrisk management. Bangalore head quartered Cloud Sek is an artificial intelligence technology based risk management enterprise, which focuses on customized, intelligent security monitors. In2015, the CloudSek team starte don a mission to build an Artificial Intelligence system that can automate Cyber Security tasks like an intelligent human being. Post the demo of CloudSek’s first prototype in March 2016 at Null Con conference, the CloudSek team released many breakthroughs made in this research in November 2016. Going further, the company open-sourced certain modules as part of their use cases. Giving a successful demonstration of their Cloud-AI technology, the researchers discovered 10‘Insecure Direct Object Reference’ vulner abilities in the world's largest online professional network LinkedIn.

With the rise in Cloud based technology and services, information is no longer stored in one’s infrastructure. Rather, it’s spread across cloud storages, infrastructures or managed by third party vendors. Any security issues with a Cloud service or a third party vendor indirectly compromises the data.

CloudSek’s AI technology primarily monitors this process. CloudSek's SaaS-based products help a client assess security in real-time from an attacker’s perspective 24x7. Client's various Internet- based resources are tracked via the company’s monitors for potential security risks.
Exposing the Unforeseen Threats

CloudSek’s X-Vigil monitors various internet sources,social media platforms, underground/ discussion forums and infiltrated data to uncover a broad range of threats. Following this, X-Vigil provides real-time alerts with out any manual intervention. At the same time, CloudSek Cloud Mon monitors various internet exposed infrastructure(Cloud Applications, Websites,etc.) for critical security issues. CloudSek's self learning technology‚‘Threat Meter’, a state of-the-art work from CloudSek’s Machine learning team can read and understand threats just like any normal human being.“Our threat monitors have processed more than 1 billion threats in the last1 year”,informs Rahul Sasi, Co-founder and CTO, CloudSek.

CloudSek's SaaS-based products help a client assess security in real-time from an attacker's perspective 24x7

At CloudSek a semi-supervised learning model is deployed as humans have generated a vast amount of data on how they have identified security issues. The company uses this data to train the models to achieve targeted tasks successfully.This method also helps to complete challenging tasks which otherwise is highly time-consuming for numerous reinforcement models. And after 18 months of tagging and building the supervision data set, CloudSek have begun seeing amazing results.