Blobcity A.I Cloud: Creating The Future Data Scientist

CIO Vendor Have you ever felt that everyone in your LinkedIn network seems to be jumping on the A.I. bandwagon and you are left ‘behind’ despite your years of domain expertise, be it in marketing, pharma, retail, software development? BlobCity has always believed that in the Data Science world, business/domain expertise trumps technological knowledge, always!

And going with this belief, BlobCity has created the BlobCity A.I cloud.

The BlobCity A.I Cloud enables domain experts and data scientists to program and run their A.I and machine learning workloads directly on the cloud through an easy-to-use interface on their internet browser, the BlobCityCloudbook. Added to this, the Company has created user friendly code-gen and Auto ML tools which help domain experts leverage the power of A.I without having to spend time on the long learning curve of coding.

BlobCity A.I. Cloud
The BlobCity A.I Cloud is a complete enterprise grade platform that provides individuals and businesses a cost effective solution to learn, build, scale, deploy and operate A.I and Machine Learning models on existing on-premise or cloud architectures.

There are 4 components in the BlobCity A.I cloud platform

1. BobCity Cloudbook - The BlobCityCloudbook is a GPU enabled Notebook that can be launched from a browser with one click and without the effort of configuring storage and servers. With an interface like the popular Jupyter Notebook, it eliminates a long learning curve thus enabling data scientists and teams to start using it right out of the box.

2. BlobCity A.I. Code-Gen : The A.I Cloud also comes with built in code generation tools for making it easy for non-coders and coders to create code for the problems that they intend on solving using A.I./ML.
3. BlobCityAutoML: This enables users to upload their data and get most relevant machine learning models automatically generated. Saves a substantial amount of experimentation time on finding the optimum A.I./ML models for a given problem.

BlobCity Open Source Collaboration: In its bid to consolidate the world’s intelligence in one place, BlobCity has created a platform where individual communities can collaboratively work together on open source A.I projects.

The BlobCity A.I Cloud offers basic cloud infrastructure completely free of cost for anyone interested in learning and creating A.I and machine learning models. The only condition is that these users contribute their projects to the open source A.I project repository which already contains over 2,500 projects.

BlobCity’s 90DS learning platform is a 90 Days to Data Scientist course taught using the tools within the A.I. Cloud. It helps bring noncoding/non-data scientist domain experts up to speed on the basics and latest advances in the field of Data Science. This combines the power of the platform with their domain expertise to enable creation of the next generation of Data Scientists, equally adept in their specific domain as well as A.I/ML to develop effective solutions.

“We believe that the BlobCity A.I cloud platform will enable domain experts, companies and data scientists to do their best work unhindered by the prohibitive compute and storage costs and accelerate the development and deployment of A.I models at scale. With this solution businesses can focus on what they do best without having to worry about managing their data science knowledge and infrastructure.” said Ankit Pal, CEO of BlobCity.

He added “At BlobCity, we believe context is more important than just knowing the technology. We know that seasoned, experienced professionals with deep business/ industry context be it FMCG, Retail, Pharma, Marketing etc. have the ability to ask the right questions and define problems better than someone who only has technical knowledge of data science. The BlobCity A.I. Cloud helps achieve this goal and our vision that anybody can do data science.”