WotNot: Improving Engagement and Reducing Customer Support Based Friction

CIO Vendor The key expectation from enterprises that are getting into conversational AI is the need of a robust platform to not just create and train chatbots, but also to test, publish, and manage them throughout their life cycle. Another requirement is the ability to manage the messages for storing, formatting and transforming content. Having a defined set of pre-built integrations with enterprise systems as well as channels is a plus along with the right set of compliances with the information security standards such as GDPR, HIPAA, etc.

Keeping this multitude of factors in mind, WotNot, a chatbot development platform, powered by Maruti Techlabs has been developing and deploying bots that improve engagement and customer experience across the entire customer lifecycle. “We have deployed chatbots that have not only reduced significant man hours and automated a myriad of processes but also helped generate millions in revenue across industries, be it Healthcare, Real Estate, Insurance or Hospitality.” says Mitul Makadia, Founder & CEO. The market is definitely getting commoditized by the year, but what has managed to set WotNot apart from day 1 is that their clients don’t really have to look anywhere else - WotNot team provides everything from chatbot conversation design, 3rd party integrations, bot development, deployment, analytics as well as a livechat (bot to human handover) feature

Deploying Bots with Relevant KPIs and Business Goals
“We don’t believe in just developing and deploying our bots - we want to make sure that they have the relevant KPIs in place and our customer’s business goals are being met with the chatbot. With WotNot Analytics, our clients are able to clearly attribute X no. of MQLs or Y amount of revenue generation directly to the chatbot” adds Makadia. WotNot’s clients aren’t required to spend time on brainstorming the most effective chatbot conversation or mapping their funnel within the bot; it is all done by the team.
Apart from that, their domain expertise coupled with going beyond just basic bot development services really adds on to its benefits. WotNot bots are not just limited to simple responses; the team is working on integrating the bots with AI models that can process images, text, audio and video for a myriad of use cases. WotNot has already developed voice bots for B2B space and is now working with a series of NLP engines to help train on different linguistics or colloquial terminologies.

We don’t believe in just developing and deploying our bots - we want to make sure that they have the relevant KPIs in place and our customer’s business goals are being met with the chatbot

A Reliable Team of Experts
WotNot is a team of 22 comprising of full stack developers, business analysts, conversation designers, UX and demand generation. Everyone interacts with clients from time to time and is well aware of how their contribution assists the end customer, what problems are faced after deployment, and what new features would add value. All 22 are committed on building performance based chatbot solutions that help launch, scale, automate series of processes for businesses of all sizes, industries, and revenue models.

“Having worked on bots with some of the biggest names on the domestic front, we are really excited to see India becoming a leading business market for conversational AI. Communication is at its best when people have natural conversations, and only when you give them that freedom - business will move faster. Our goal with WotNot is to assist enterprises in achieving their objectives with an innovation led approach by scaling smart conversations effectively,” concludes Mitul.