TOCH: AI & Deep Learning Based Video Content Analysis for Deeper Insights

CIO Vendor Meta tags have been around since, internet came into existence. But no one really laid focus on it. Not until the Commerce boom. Now Meta tags have become the backbone of any business’ prosperity. Based out of Mumbai, TOCH has been revolutionizing the entire meta tagging industry and also helping monetize content by adding key time stamps. Data collected by TOCH is used in various ways by OTT platforms today to understand their users and build key tools on top of the data for better user experience. AI and deep learning with video analytics has enriched advancement in e-commerce, advertisement, marketing and many other industries. TOCH was established in 2016 with a simple app to create shoppable and host content. Soon the business was moved to B2B side with a clear focus on building strong video AI automation tools. Around 2017, Toch gained market traction and settled deeper into its strong tech modules. Currently, Toch has just one focus: how to tap into the 330mn+ smartphone users shopping opportunity with the data collected from B2B operations. In the early 2019, the TOCH team started to revamp its entire strategy and created two verticals inside the company with an interconnected focus using their core technology. TOCH is currently working on its application which will be allowing users to shop while watching their favorite influencers live(pre recorded) on the platform and also connect brands and influencers on their app directly. The influencer tool will track the authenticity of the followers and conversion metrics allowing selling across other channels as well.

Manifold Business Advantages
With AI & deep learning combined video analytics, e-commerce, advertisement, marketing and many other Industries have witnessed
enriched advancement. TOCH auto detects emotions, scenes, activities, locations, people and object inside any video/image content in real time. This allows streaming platforms, and ecommerce players to build smart discovery features and also automate the entire meta tagging process. The platform empowers the user to make the video content interactive and shoppable by adding the products most relevant to his/her industry and lets users have a new experience in e-commerce. Besides, most importantly, this opens new revenue streams by facilitating identification of products for viewers within the video content, thereby enabling sales through the content and sharing the revenue.

TOCH auto detects emotions, scenes, ctivities, locations, people and object inside any video/image content in real time

Earlier, TOCH was focusing solely on B2B side, streaming platforms and ad agencies for the meta tagging process. The data TOCH machine learns from becomes a key as it understands various user behavior schematics at the backend. The company has taken this tool and ventured into social commerce space with a B2C approach to connect brands and influencers on the platform itself.

In the promising years to come for meta tagging, TOCH looks forward to expanding outside the country, aiming at the SEA market for its enterprise expansion. In the consumer space TOCH envisions becoming number 1 app in the social commerce space before 2019 ends, thereby enabling live video shopping.