SmartCow: Delivering Cost-Effective Video Analytics Applications

CIO Vendor Video analytics is quickly picking up speed for a large number of applications and has grabbed the attention of business intelligent departments due to the latest trends and innovations in the industry. According to Allied Market Research report, the Video Analytics market size is projected to reach USD 14,443 million by 2025. Right from security to public safety to crowd management, video analytics has begun to see a big boom in the business world. Therefore, customers today are looking for cost-effective video analytics solutions that provide real-time insights.

Perfectly understanding these requirements, Hyderabad based SmartCow an AI engineering company provides video analytics applications at affordable prices. The company enables clients to extract accurate, realtime insights from the security and service-related monitoring systems regardless of the number of cameras that are installed. Through its smart technology, the company is able to maintain 100 percent accuracy in its real time reading.

Sentinel - the edge supercomputer
SmartCow is a NVIDIA metropolis partner. This qualifies the company to provide solutions of NVIDIA hardware for smart cities. The company has recently released an edge AI system called Sentinel - powered Xavier NX that delivers up to 21 TOPS for running modern AI workloads. Sentinel comes with 1TB of NVME and supports 4G. This allows Sentinel to deliver highly accurate ALPR/ANPR, with huge storage space, through which the data can be aggregated up to 5 years. Sentinel supports 4*4 k cameras at 30 FPs. These inexpensive devices are easy to install and can be controlled via Azure cloud.

Installing license plate identification software is time-consuming and requires high computing capacities. SmartCow provides high availability RESTful service to integrate ANPR into applications. With SmartCow’s cloud service one can read number plates from anywhere in India. This API provides the benefit of Enhanced Parking Experience and makes it
simple to monitor the parking space, with which the clients can be notified about the parking space availability.

SmartCow has in-depth knowledge of deep learning and embedded systems, which allows the company to optimize and execute these models effectively on a low cost system, thus providing high performance solution economically, which is very important in India as the market is huge.

SmartCow is a leader in Automated License Plate Reading (ALPR) technology and smart city securities. Since APLR in India is a very complex task, the company keeps collecting data and updating its technology using high performance embedded systems and deep learning to provide 100 per cent accurate license plate reading for consumers, SMEs and governments.

The company enables clients to extract accurate, real-time insights from the security and service-related monitoring systems regardless of the number of cameras that are installed

“APLR is important for large enterprises and government, therefore it needs to be provided in cost effective manner. Traditionally, this was done by computer vision that was very hardware intensive whereas SmartCow uses deep learning to infer data on a low cost model for a greater number of cameras,” affirms Ravi Kiran, Founder of SmartCow.

Central monitored system
SmartCow also provides container OCR that reads numbers for monitoring various containers. This is highly crucial for customs, logistics companies and shipping terminals. On a single AGX Xavier system SmartCow can connect up to 25 cameras and have it monitored centrally. When a driver submits the papers of the container number to the customs department, SmartCow’s cameras verify it immediately using the deep learning technique. “We have used over 800,000 images to develop this technology,” says Ravi. Moving ahead, SmartCow is planning to work with the Indian government for smart city projects.