PiChain Innovations: Automating Compliance with Self-learning AI Systems

CIO Vendor The ever growing data repositories of enterprises that have been collecting a lot of both structured and unstructured data could well prove to be extremely useful sources to get better business insights for augmented enterprise decision-making process. Therefore, businesses are keen to leverage their enterprise data so as to make better decisions and enhance productivity through cognitive computing that automates and accelerates the processing of complex data sets. However, most of the enterprises face challenges in getting the relevant data and transforming it into right set of information to execute a process in line with all compliances, thereby failing to bridge the gap between data collection, actionable insights and actual decisions. So, businesses are in a look-out for a long-term consultative partner who can cater to their needs around data, compliance and regulatory areas with advanced technologies like AI and Blockchain, and whom they can rely on for the complex business problems.

Bringing Together Blockchain And AI to Enhance Productivity And Ensure Compliance
PiChain Innovations, a Bangalore based company caters to the aforementioned needs of businesses by combining the power of Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain. The company through extensive research has built innovative DeepTech systems that can self-learn, solve complex business problems and automate critical business processes. “We are a DeepTech B2B product-based company in the cognitive technology space focused on solving complex business problems like compliance. Our team of Data Science, AI and Blockchain experts delivers awesome experiences and desired outcomes for our clients by working in a design-driven agile methodology,” informs Shubhradeep Nandi, Founder of the company.
PiChain’s strategic partnerships with some of the most premier institutions of India such as IISC Bangalore, IIM Udaipur and IIM Bangalore help it stay ahead of its peers in the market.

Augmenting In-house Experts For Better Decision Making
DeepPi, a DeepTech platform from PiChain helps to augment client’s Process Specialist or Subject Matter Expert for faster, better and accurate decisions by rapid knowledge extraction, tacit knowledge capture and high precision recommendations. DeepPi is an easy to use system that can integrate with legacy as well as new age systems causing no disruption to the day-to-day business operations of enterprises. PiChain delivers solutions to enterprises across various business verticals such as Banking & Finance, Retail, and Manufacturing helping them to address the regulatory issues and improve the productivity with minimal workforce. For the financial firms, DeepPi ensures that all the regulatory decisions and compliances are covered and reduces the compliance cost with increased accuracy. For the retail businesses, the platform improves CPG process efficiency over 70 percent and decreases the operational cost by 30 percent with 100 percent compliance. For the manufacturing firms, the platform helps to reduce the production and repair time and minimize the revenue loss.

We are a DeepTech B2B product-based company in the cognitive technology space focused on solving complex business problems like compliance

Moving ahead, PiChain Innovations seeks to enhance its domain expertise and delivery capabilities to help its clients improve their business productivity by creating a risk free business environment.