GVM Analytics: Delivering Comprehensive Data Analytics Solutions

CIO Vendor Today, Data analytics has become the revolution in the Information Technology landscape. This is due to the rise in demands of the big data analytics tools and techniques implemented in organizations as these tools help in gaining new and meaningful insights, which facilitates in making better decisions. However, it is not just about the implementation of the right tools but it is also about how well has the organization improved in its decision making process along the analytics journey.

This is where Kolkata headquartered GVM Analytics comes to the aid of organizations in their decision making processes and Analytics journey. GVM Analytics is a startup that assists clients in their complete data analytics journey right from data storage, structuring, and engineering to making data driven decisions. As a strategic partner, the company consults and delivers a wide range of analytics services to the centralized analytics teams or individual business units of its clients. The company’s end goal is to build data analytics and bridge the gap between the problem and solution.

When the clients share their data with the company, the GVM team cleanses the data, extracts only the relevant information, analyzes it and then process it to predict the right solution to the client’s problem. GVM performs smarter analysis on the clients’ business data, so that the client organizations can make faster decisions and drive businesses to new heights.

Interdisciplinary team providing optimal solutions
GVM Analytics – a company with a small yet experienced and interdisciplinary team of engineers, domain experts, project planners, and analysts focuses on providing the most optimal solution to the clients’ problems by guiding them on their decision making.
The biggest differentiator of the company is that it develops both software and hardware components as per the client requirements. The other differentiating factor is the interdisciplinary team. GVM Analytics team consists of professionals such as product ideator, designers, engineers, simulation experts, product developers, prototyping capability from numerous disciplines.

“E-rickshaws are one of the cheapest and most eco-friendly modes of transportation. We have been manufacturing E-rickshaws for more than three years now and have become one of the leading brands in India. Our products are sold across the length and breadth of the country,” affirms Pranav Agarwal, CEO of GVM Analytics. The company designs, develops, prototypes, fabricates, assembles and sells different kinds of battery operated vehicles. Moreover, with the advent of AI the company is in the process of developing driverless E-rickshaw that will enable last mile connectivity at an affordable cost.

As a strategic partner, the company consults and delivers a wide range of analytics services to the centralized analytics teams or individual business units of its clients

Future Road map
GVM is fully geared and is in the process of developing different AI products and services that will be launched phase wise. These products will be built based on Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Customized Neural Network, Reinforcement Learning, Computer Vision and Image Processing Technologies. The company is planning to provide all these services through cloud to its target global consumer base. Moving ahead, the GVM team is planning to work on projects such as manned drones, smart bikes; electric planes, quant trading and AI enabled vision.