FoodBot AI: Revolutionizing the Restaurant Industry with Intelligent Customer Engagement Platform

CIO Vendor Conversational AI/ intelligent chatbots are beginning to play a key role in the restaurant business in reshaping the dynamics of the enterprise-customer relationship, seamlessly managing them with close to no human interaction. The implementation of chatbots helps save time and money, nurture customers, generate leads, improve sales and provide round-the-clock support. Advancing trends like ML (Machine Learning) and NLP (Natural Language Processing) technology are making chatbots smarter to interact with human language’s tendency to get chaotic and complex. However, the trend of harnessing the power of chatbots in the restaurant industry is still evolving and encounters several technical barriers. Restaurateurs need a solution provider that possesses the right solution, industry knowledge and the required skill set to meet every requirement.

Transforming the restaurant industry is FoodBot AI, headquartered in Dallas, USA, with its customer engagement and marketing platform for restaurants over chatbots. Having conducted market researches and understanding that an overwhelming percentage of customers prefer to engage with businesses through text and leave with a positive impression, the platform uses messaging as the preferred channel of communication. One of the important factors that sets FoodBot AI apart from its competitors in the market is its unique Loyalty Program that proffers a complete integration with the restaurants existing PoS. This feature permits restaurants to run the loyalty program on the messaging app where the customer does not have to install a new app or carry a plastic card in order to enrol in the program. This effortless experience eradicates the initial adoption distress that consumers encounter and results in higher adoption. “We deploy our solution on top of the messaging platforms, so that the users do not have to install a new app.
Instead, they just interact with a business profile on the messaging apps,” informs Saurabh Rinwa, CEO at FoodBot AI.

Online ordering through the bot is another key feature that has a rich UI that enables customers to place an order directly on the bot. “We are integrating with logistic partner such as DoorDash Drive, Postmates and so on to fulfil the orders taken on our platform. This saves restaurants the high commission that third party apps charges and also build the customer data for future marketing and retargeting efforts.” reveals Saurabh.

We deploy our solution on top of the messaging platforms, so that the users do not have to install a new app. Instead, they just interact with a business profile on the messaging apps

The team predominantly focuses on customer engagement and increasing the revenue by assisting clients in building a one-on-one relationship at scale with their customers. The team has identified that one of the bottlenecks this industry is facing is its marketing spend lacking the investment to ROI tracking. Pulling out restaurateurs from this predicament, the team at FoodBot AI designed and developed the ‘Map All Ad Spends to Customer Visit’ feature. Here, the platform assists restaurants in tracking the results and mapping it to customer visit and also the spend. This helps in optimizing the campaigns and maximizing the profits by focusing on best converting ad campaigns.
The company aims to continue paving the way in this domain with its intelligent customer engagement and marketing platform and continually deliver complete customer satisfaction.