dbNix Systems: Accessibility and Simplicity for Enterprises through AI and NLP

CIO Vendor Artificial intelligence(AI) makes it possible for machines to learn from experience, adjust to new inputs and perform human like tasks. One cannot finish counting the number of applications that NLP enabled AI can deliver. dbNix Systems, headquartered in Mumbai, is a vibrant company with highly skilled workforce committed to bringing world class AI & NLP driven solutions and services to its customers. These solutions are simple, smart and economical AI solutions enabling NLP based decision making. The company is driven by passion in delivering unique services; value added customization and innovative solutions to address the needs of their customers.

Products which Perform Human like Task
dbNix Systems has developed and innovated a wide range of products that help enterprise customer’s and their clients to be more productive. The company has created TARIX(Technologically Advanced Redefined Information eXchange)to empower the enterprises with AI/ML solutions which simplify the way enterprises interact with their applications and their customers. This product includes TARIX Chatbot, TARIX Advisor and TARIX Assistant.

TARIX AI framework supports both audio and text methods of interaction. The huge challenge faced today with AI adoption is that it requires large computing power and with audio in picture the computing demand will increase further. However, TARIX works on a completely different mechanism where the computing power reduces by 80 percent compared to traditional AI solutions. TARIX AI solution also works on multiple contexts on a single instance making it smarter and providing a human like personalized touch. Further, most of the call center agents receive repeated queries which are very general in nature regarding organizations business, process, products, services and so on. The company avails helpdesk AI bot(TARIX Advisor)on the main IVR, which can be connected by dialing a number or through a customer website to provide textual conversation.
And,if required, chats can be transferred to call center executive or manual chat when AI determines that actual human intervention is needed, or it does not have the required information. Lastly, TARIX assistant provides Virtual assistant that runs on the google assistant platform without requiring any additional app in the handheld Device/smart phone.

TARIX AI framework supports both audio and text methods of interaction

Likewise, TARIX has provided a boost up in revenue to one of the renowned resort where customer management in the website with manual chatbot was not efficient or effective. dbNix applied Lead Management Solution and Knowledge BOT where an AI BOT is deployed to revert to all visitors’ queries including for existing customers or lead or just coming for enquiry. The BOT also engages leads in conversation and compiles relevant data around their interests. The company provided mobile application where the Sales team would see live chat and will get notification on potential leads based on the chat. The Sales team could close the lead faster and provide customized service to the customers thereby increasing the sales. This was possible with chat conversation that captured customer requirements.

Having remained bootstrapped for the product development so far, dbNix is currently on the lookout for investors to further step up their innovation strategies and advances. Besides this, dbNix would like to expand their operations and services to other countries to add value to their organization in the years to come. The company shall be sharpening their AI based enterprise productivity tools for better efficiency. Apart from the enterprise segment products, dbNix is also launching a B2C personalized AI search website. The website will enable users to ask questions to AI powered domain expert. dbNix Systems believes that man and machine working in unison is becoming a reality and the company would like to be an enabler to such an ecosystem.