AutomataPi: Driving Customer Centric Digital Process Automation (DPA)

CIO Vendor Today, not only the leading businesses but also small sized companies and startups are focusing on digitizing their operations in order to become customer-centric and responsive. This evolution to digital play is meant to meet the evolving customer demands and to introduce new products and channels to the market while maintaining transparency across processes, automating customer tasks and creating an easily collaborative atmosphere.

Organizations that still haven’t incorporated digital process automation in their roadmap have to rethink their digital strategy and find the right path to incorporate DPA in order to stay relevant and stay ahead of the competitors in this era. Yet, most of the solution providers are centering the digitizing efforts around the organization’s internal processes and turning a blind eye towards customer facing processes. Hence, companies are still struggling in their journey towards building a customer-centric organization.

With a strategy that is based on putting one’s customer first, and at the core of the business, AutomataPi is a pay-per-outcome digital process automation company which solves for the current fragmented and post-facto nature of business process automation. “We provide solutions in the automated intelligence space with a focus on customer experience automation. As a technology first company with AI/ML and NLP techniques acting as accelerators to process automation, we connect digital channels preferred by the customers with enterprise fulfillment systems. The platform processes workflows in real-time for providing straight-through process automation,” says Krishna Menon, VP Enterprise Solutions at AutomataPi. Moreover, with a combination of sophisticated capabilities such as Cognitive Workflow for intelligent automation and Digital Middleware, AutomataPi’s Virtual Agent – NLP Bots for marketing, sales and customer service can have contextual human-like and personalized conversations with the customers automating and engaging with the customer over the complete lifecycle, making it a more comprehensive offering than a simple back-and-forth dialogue and query resolution provided by first generation chatbots.
A Robust Middleware Platform
Connecting businesses’ fulfillment systems with customer facing channels and enabling business processes to run on channels of customer’s preference, AutomataPi Digital Middleware Platform allows partners to achieve a competitive edge with Cognitive workflow, Edge Analytics, Enterprise grade security and compliance to serve organization’s customers. They aid in delivering a seamless, delightful and modern customer experience across all digital channels and create deeper and more personalized engagement. “Our Digital Middleware Solution collects, orchestrates and communicates in order to route the request coming from the customer on various platforms to a relevant system and gain desired insights; customer behavior, user patterns and other hidden knowledge are the precise insights derived from the centralized management of customer’s information,” adds Krishna Menon.

We enable organizations build a customer centric experience using digital process automation and advanced cognitive technologies

Cognitive Conversational Capability with Self-learning Workflows
Delivering seamless interactions of the company’s core business systems with end-customers in a channel of the customer’s choice, AutomataPi’s Cognitive solution suite for enterprises allows for user definition and hierarchy, task allocation/orchestration and seamless transfer of the conversation from virtual digital agents to live agents with capability to measure operational data based on user defined business and operational metrics. With the amount of data that is being disposed in different systems, decision making is getting more difficult. Therefore, utilization of proprietary ML and NLP algorithms also injects automated intelligence into operational software, allowing a better decision making.

Keeping Track of Real-time Events
With multiple heterogeneous systems, both within and outside an organization, AutomataPi collects, correlates, explores and analyzes relevant data - structured and unstructured data from various systems, so as to distribute aggregated insights to relevant parties, identify and self-form linkages within existing data points and track SLAs around discrete events; enabling real-time process analytics, understanding bottlenecks and taking actions accordingly to optimize the business process.