Aprecomm: Empowering Wi-Fi Devices with AI

CIO Vendor Wi-Fi has been known for its speed of internet connectivity for almost all the devices. It has changed the cell phones’ purpose of just calling and texting to every work that can be done over the internet in no time. Wi-Fi protocols have been evolving over the last 20 years to meet ever increasing demands of the users, ensuring Assured Wi-Fi Experience is still a challenge due to extremely dynamic nature of the environment and every growing application from the users. Established in the year 2016 with their work-base in Bangalore, Aprecomm rolls with a team of 10, providing solutions using AI to empower devices with superfast wireless network. The company provides a great network facility for variants of smart devices with smarter ways of developing businesses by its AI Powered Wi-Fi Network both for Enterprise and Retail markets.

AI Powered Wi-Fi for Enterprise Grade WLANs
Wi-Fi and its uses have evolved through time from the past 20 years and have improved enormously. N numbers of devices are present to be connected but seamless wireless Wi-Fi network providers are intraces. More so, to solve the deployment issues of Wi-Fi, plenty of man power and man hour is required resulting a huge operational cost. This complex problem can be solved by bringing Network Intelligence using AI.

“Even though Protocols have evolved and we now have a fat pipe, there are no right tools to understand the dynamics of the Wi-Fi system to give assured experience to end user. Aprecomm’s VWE Stack is built to fill this gap”, comments Guharajan Sivakumar, Co-founder, Aprecomm. AI systems have to leave evidence to showcase that it is actually doing something. Aprecomm has developed a Virtual Wireless Expert that analyses Wi-Fi AP(s). The company has also researched as to how well they operate by using AI engine Evolv and reconcile the same issues by Aprecomm’s AI VWE (Virtual Wireless Network). VWE is proactive 24/7/365 to ensure a user friendly wireless networking experience. The realistic problem for poor wireless experience can be a poor positioning of Wi-Fi AP’s, bad configuration settings on APs or by underlying internet service providers. Co-relating all the possible factors that lead to failures, VWE studies the patterns, needs of devices installed in a network and delivers a tailor made adjustment to the configuration available, enriching wireless experience for users and end users. Aprecomm’s AI engine is
smart enough to adapt and understand the needs of deployed networks provide automated troubleshooting thereby resolving issues eliminating human intervention. It reduces 70 percent of the operational cost for MSP and has reduced down times majorly by 90 percent.

Aprecomm is keen to deliver AI wireless networks for B2B market and is willing to push stack as licensed

Aprecomm is keen to deliver AI wireless networks for B2B market and is willing to push stack as licensed. The company has already partnered with couple of OEMs and started deploying their solution. They are also looking forward to collaborate with OEMs/Wi-Fi vendors, and chip manufacturers who are currently focusing on Enterprise/SMB and SME domain. Aprecomm is targeting giants like Cisco, Aruba,Ruckus for Wi-Fi OEM, SMB/SME organizations like Linksys, Tp-link, D-link, Ubiquity and chip manufacturers like Qcom, Broadcom, Quantena and Marvel.

New Business Opportunities with AI Driven WLANs
Wi-Fi access points are no longer envisioned to be limited to connectivity at homes. Integrated with Voice Assistance like Alexa, Google and IoT sensors, cameras, they have become a central piece of smart home solutions.

“We believe that AP’s can be a central control system for potential homes equipped with IoT sensors. Having our AI stack on a centralized control system by amalgamating the data across multiple IoT sensors can bring in a combined intelligence throwing open a plethora of new business opportunities that can be instrumental in redefining ones’ lifestyle”, comments Pramod Babu, Co-founder, Aprecomm.

Personal Data in cloud is always prone to Privacy concerns. This creates a critical space for Aprecomm’s AI Edge intelligence stack that generalizes data and implies important decisions rather than sending every IOT a of data to the cloud for analysis and prediction. More than just an assured connectivity to smart devices, precomm pays attention to deliver better privacy configuration by providing a magnitude space for AI services.