Jotter.AI: Ushering in a New Frontier in Fashion Technology

CIO Vendor In 2019, AI and ML technologies in retail have transcended human computational intelligence. It has applied new ways across the entire product and service cycle from assembly to post sale customer service interactions. Using computer vision, 3D image processing and GAN (Generative Adversarial Networks), Hyderabad based Jotter.AI develops game changing digital workflows for Fashion Brands, Fashion Retailers, and Apparel Market places. “AI is an all compassing word which has many facets to it. Jotter’s innovative AI solution uses Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Dynamic algorithms including 3D image processing and GANs(Generative Adversarial Networks) to automate time consuming repetitive mundane tasks with consistent verifiable accuracy,” explained Madhavi Arelli, Co-founder & CEO, Jotter.AI.

AI Performed Products to Automate Tasks
Today, the most targeted market segment is Fashion & Apparel, which has become highly competitive. Time to Market and cataloging are the key to increasing sales and achieving success. Jotter.AI builds end to end products using AI which solves the problems of their customers, in India and overseas. The company’s JoLookBook creates Digital Workforce which automates time consuming repetitive mundane tasks with consistent verifiable accuracy to augment the human workforce, thereby achieving faster time to market at a fraction of cost. Currently, the task of creating jazzy eye catching catalog images involves a lot of time and logistics resulting in delayed time to market and of course mounting costs. Whereas with JoLookBook, powered by machine learning, computer vision, 3D image processing, and GANs, creating catalog images becomes a matter of few clicks. It extracts product data using image recognition and
attributes in detail. With such features of JoLookBook, one can achieve the market faster than ever before.

JoSmartStore has multi camera integration, complete product mapping, AI Store engine, and magic mirror

Also, JoSmartStore by Jotter.AI is revolutionizing the garment shopping experience in the stores, where a shopper can try out as many garments virtually, without having to make multiple trips to the trial room. There will be establishment benefits of having fewer clothes to re fold, thereby saving considerable costs on the damage of saleable dresses and shop floor manpower. JoSmartStore has multi camera integration, complete product mapping, AI Store engine, and magic mirror. Also, JoSmartStore with its path breaking 3D processing will give a more realistic virtual trial resulting in transforming customer experience and increasing average order value. Most importantly, the product is more likely to improve customer retention and curate outfits for different occasions. This leads to highlight trends & brands of user’s choice and at the same time increase sales revenue.

Founded in 2017, Jotter.AI’s has a core development team consisting of the best brains from IIT’s and IIIT’s who brainstorm to transform the Fashion Retail Industry. Currently, the products are in the Alpha Stage and expected to be released soon. Although, the company is in advanced pilot mode with a couple of large brands for JoLookBook, the results are encouraging. Further, the company has identified gaps and requirements which can be solved by AI and Jotter will be working on them in the years to come.