Visio.AI: When Artificial Intelligence Redefines Mass Surveillance in Smart Cities

Rahul B Prakash, Co-Founder

After complete tallying, worldwide spending on technologies enabling smart-city initiatives is pegged at USD 135 billion by 2021, according to a recent IDC Spending Report. In India itself, the top smart city investment priority is slotted to be in the Intelligent traffic systems amidst several initiatives. Based on Real-Time traffic, camera footages, feedbacks and other related information, AI and ML are really driving safe smart cities to their expected configurations. Coming with visionary and revolutionary AI powered solutions, Bengaluru based startup, Visio.AI, is creating and applying knowledge for demonstrable benefits. These benefits are being reaped even in sectors that are traditional and technologically less advanced, such as agriculture and public utilities.

Akshay kumar C, Co-Founder

What started with a bunch of friends interning in AI IISc Bangalore, eventually turned out attracting the like minds to kickstart visionary AI solutions for a prospective and progressive society. Visio.AI with its patented product for Driver Drowsiness and Distraction Alert System has,from day 1, drawn clients. Spread broadly in several aspects of smart city analytics, especially in mass surveillance, the company proffers Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR), person tracking, speed estimation, car count, parking violation, wrong turn detection, and crowd density estimation.

Perfecting the Perfect Surveillance Solution
For years CCTV, security cameras and other live-stream feeds have been recorded for various utilities. Yet, the time and effort it takes for someone to trawl through months of security footage to find a specific person,or information, makes the whole process unrealistic,and
mismanaged. But not for AI driven solutions. Visio.AI successfully overcame this shortcoming with a powerful AI driven solution, to be utilized in Control Units. Visio.AI brings in solutions that prioritize the feeds, streaming on the TV sets.

Visio.AI has driver drowsiness and distraction alert system, a patented and on the verge of changing the on-road and overall traffic safety

Standing for Visual Intelligence and Operations, Visio.AI has driver drowsiness and distraction alert system, a patented and on the verge of changing the on-road and overall traffic safety. It has IR cameras placed on front shield of cars, a wire and a small chip module inside the dashboard. The live video feeds taken by the IR cameras are processed within the dashboard memory. This memory is synced with mobile apps that send alerts, text messages or any other indications whenever the driver is not fully alert while driving. Visio.AI has works underway to integrate this system into the engine so as to slow down the vehicle automatically when the driver is not fully focused. Since the processing and analyzing is executed on-board, there is no time and information lag. Therefore, this kind of approach takes the drowsiness response time to its minimum.

Saahil Kamath, Co-Founder

Additionally, Visio.AI has extended these features and solutions to agriculture industry as well. With AI and computer vision based responsive tools, the detection and analysis of the whole plantation is simplified. Conquering the different aspects of smart city, agriculture and other socio-economic fields, Visio. AI is all set to change the dynamics of operations with its AI offerings. Visio.AI, which was a partnership firm has now converted into a private limited company named ‘Krutrim Visual Intelligence and Operations Private Limited. The company is gradually establishing its identity across the country to become a well- positioned player in this domain.