Tripeur: Streamlining Human-Intensive Travel Desk with 3rd Gen Solutions

Manish Raj, Co-Founder& Chief Business Officer

Early this year, the Global Business Travel Association provided a brief rundown of the rising corporate travel and the primary estimates of this sector. Mired with massive budgets, and exacerbated lists of vendors, contracts, invoices and human resources, companies at various stages are facing considerable broken corporate travel predicaments. It's only natural that AI and ML are impacting business travel sector like never before while providing a more accurate sense of travel expenses, behaviour of individual travellers and travel experience. Incorporating and reimagining business travel with various software and services, Bangalore based company, Tripeur courts a sizeable automated and efficient travel vision. Tripeur counts among its client list 50+ companies with thousands of travellers. Tripeur provides all aspects of business travel from trip approval to travel policies to expense reports, and provides actionable insights into all travel related expenses and improve overall travel experience of clients’ employees.

Harmonizing Corporate Travel with AI
While legacy companies have relied on detailed regulations and policies to help manage their employees’ travel, the restricted scope of what employees can experience are some of the deterrents that highlighted the need of AI and ML. The insights collected by AI tools bring in smarter decisions. Tripeur with its AI driven Travel ERP brings in a pack of Core Intelligence. This Travel ERP is further branched into Analytics, Reconciler, Booking Engine, Compliance Manager and Request Processor. This is a cloud based Corporate Travel ERP that optimizes overall travel expenses for an organization and integrates with their existing ERP and CRM.

Thiagarajan Rajagopalan, Founder& CEO
Tripeur’s auto creation of booking requests from 3rd party approval system with Booking Bots brings in seamless bookings. This Booking Bot along with NLP handles varied requirements without any
delays and instils high accuracy. With legacy travel booking systems witnessing high cancellation charges, ML based Personalized Engines and Intelligent Booking Engine suggests better and cost viable corporate options, thereby, reducing future cancellation charges.

As companies continue to expand, from cost conscious to providing end-to end seamless experience to its employees, audits and reconciliation are fast emerging as key focus areas. Tripeur uses Predictive Analytics to enhance accuracy and efficiency in handling data for companies to monitor and reconcile.

Tripeur ensures that all relevant data is captured and stored appropriately, thereby reducing data overload and increasing transparency

Tripeur ensures that all relevant data is captured and stored appropriately, thereby reducing data overload and increasing transparency. The ML-based personalization engine helps in making the right recommendations to employees that maximizes traveller delight while optimizing expenses for the company. Tripeur platform is hosted on the cloud and does not require on premise server resources or frequent software updating. The enhanced transparency in displaying various slots of fares, real time data, Policy Management Employee Tracker, Complete On-the-go Travel Assistant Personalization and CFO portal, makes Tripeur solution a 3rd Generation Corporate Travel Management Solution.

Sajit Chacko,Founder& COO

From 3rd Gen to Further
Mandating the use of processes and procedures as simple and powerful as possible, the constant AI and ML utilities are changing the travel sector; especially the corporate Travel as such. Tripeur, with its end-to-end corporate travel management platform, is driving personalized experiences with pocket friendly expenses to both employees and executives alike.