Kristal.AI: Bringing Efficiency And Ease Into Investments Via Unbiased Digital Portfolio Of Assets

Asheesh Chanda, Founder& CEO
Financial firms have invested heavily in AI in the recent past. The investments are starting to branch out while tapping into the financial applications of machine learning(ML) and deep learning. Artificial Intelligence in stock trading certainly isn’t a new phenomena, but access to it's capabilities has historically been rather limited to large firms. With so much heavy-lifting around AI in the financial domain, there are but only a few who have taken major leaps forward in the development of use case based AI solutions.

However, Singapore based Kristal.AI has been standing out amongst these few. Kristal.AI has built an award winning AI-powered digital wealth management platform, servicing customers across India, Hong Kong, Singapore, the US,and Middle East, and thereby promoting and facilitating offshore investments, among its various other offerings. Using sophisticated tools, financial expertise, and algorithms, Kristal.AI provides investors access to a repository of portfolios from the world's top Portfolio Managers. The company is backed by IDG Ventures India and a group of Angel Investors working in leading banks and financial institutions.

A Blend of Financial Acumen with Technology Leads Access to Global Markets
Diversifying abroad is one of the best moves an investor can make for a portfolio. Potential investors tend to be unaware and remain that way, forgetting about the countless investment options outside their home country. Besides, offshore investment brings in a lot of advantages in terms of asset protection, tax savings, diversification of assets, privacy, and hedging etc. However, Offshore investments deserve a mandate of its own since the complexity increases when funds are being transferred across countries. To maintain the discipline in offshore investments by Indian residents, the RBI has set up the
Liberalised Remittance Scheme(LRS).“Under the Liberalised Remittance Scheme, Authorised Dealers may freely allow remittances by resident individuals up to USD 250,000 per Financial Year (April-March) for any permitted current or capital account transaction or a combination of both.” In short, under the LRS scheme every resident Indian is permitted to invest upto USD 250,000 per financial year into offshore securities. Beyond this limit, RBI approval is mandated.

Kristal.AI provides investors access to a repository of portfolios from the world's top Portfolio Managers

As complex as it may seem, Kristal.AI has dedicated major part of their services to clients looking for a more efficient, hassle-free, and intelligent way of investing their money overseas. Kristal.AI provides a one-stop solution. With their in-house financial experts doing a thorough research on possible investment options, its Advisory Algorithm understands the background and financial goals and evaluates an investor’s risk profile, and recommends the most suitable basket (Kristals) of offshore securities. The investor is able to view the returns generated, on these securities on the Kristal dashboard and from mobile phones via the Kristal.AI app. Under this offering, Kristal commissions access to investments across 100+ exchanges across the world.

From understanding an investor’s financial goals, all the way to directing towards the right Kristals to invest, the Advisory Algorithm supports investors through a wide range of assets like bonds, ETFs, equities, mutual funds and Equity Linked Savings Schemes(ELSS).

In the near future, the company is investing heavily into platform architecture (like Dockers), Machine Learning technologies (like Chatbot, NLP) and Ethereum Blockchain based Smart contracts. With such strategies in place, wealth managers can expect an uptick on more sophisticated products via the Kristal.AI platform in the months to come.