CogniTensor: Cognitive Solutions to Diverse Business Challenges

Arun Aggarwal, Co-Founder& CEO
Over the last few years, the adoption of AI has significantly escalated across industries to accomplish various tasks such as chatbots customer service, predictive maintenance, forecasting and planning. Businesses look forward to deploy next generation AI platform that consolidates technologies like natural language processing, deep learning and machine learning. With years of expertise in AI domain, New Delhi headquartered CogniTensor delivers AI solutions for various business verticals. With a strong base of data scientists, IT professionals and business domain experts, the organization has designed an AI library called CogniEngine to provide tailored solutions for each business domain.

With machine learning AI, the benefit lies with predictive analytics that gives higher accuracy, provided it is fed with good quality of historical data. Businesses around the world have started reaping the gains of this transformation and CogniTensor being at the forefront of this technology has been spreading its wings. In retail, Artificial Intelligence is being embraced due to availability of parallel computing, big data and deep learning algorithms. Right from inventory management to post sale customer service and other new ways across the entire product and service cycle, AI is enabling businesses in bringing down the time, and operational cost, thereby assisting them to remain ahead of the curve. CogniTensor’s Co-Founder & CEO, Arun Aggarwal comments that it is utmost important to validate business decision with data, and lead efforts to put the customer at the centre of the organization. CogniRetail assures effective inventory management by exploiting Deep Learning technology. The solution facilitates users with stock indication and identifies factors affecting sales and customer footfalls thereby
influencing a profitable business decision. Arun has had more than 30 years of experience in IT and telecom industry with companies including Digital Equipment Corporation, Lucent Technologies, IBM India and Comptel Communications India where he was the Managing Director. Arun is accompanied by Pankaj Mathur, CogniTensor’s Promoter, who also has a proven track record of successfully running businesses in the IT and Telecom industry and has held leadership positions at IBM, HP, and Orange Business Services.

CogniTensor’s strength is the team of data scientist from world renowned universities

As Arun explains, over the decades, two business fundamentals have remained unchanged; need to increase the revenue and cutting the cost down. CogniTensor solutions viz., CogniRetail and CogniMarketing have been designed to not only meet these basic necessities, but also improve customer experience as a by product.

Strength lies in the Team
CogniTensor’s strength is the team of data scientist from world renowned universities. Ashish Airon, CogniTensor’s Co-Founder & CTO and an Oxford University data scientist, has been putting together a competent team to solve various customer challenges. The same team of data scientists keeps abreast with the latest developments in AI world on a regular basis.

CogniTensor is already addressing global business likely to grow at a fast pace. The company’s vision, according to its partners, is to innovate AI products to resolve various business problems. “The AI offerings are amazing and it is important to bring this awareness to corporate. It is only a matter of time that we see AI initiatives at improved level in different industries of varying sizes”, adds Arun. With such perspective of the leaders, the organization intends to provide state-of-the-art AI solutions to all stakeholders that can mitigate their evolving business bottlenecks.