AppiVa Software: Ushering In The Efficiency Of AI In Task Management

Ranjan Baisak,CEO, Co-Founder, Chief Architect
Managing a project well takes more than just making a great plan in advance and sticking to it. By now it is proven that AIpowered decision support systems and automation drive projects to success by reducing costs and mistakes, analyzing risks, making things more efficient or keeping things on time and on budget. With a focus particularly on task management and team collaboration Bangalore headquartered Appiva Software Private Limited has been leveraging the concept of AI to help project manager get real time information of the project. Implementing AI powered chatbot to help users to get unified view of the project, goes along with several other benefits from requirement gathering tools to quote repository.

AppiVa brings together all the other solutions of the likes of Salesforce, while providing their native task management platform called ezTask. The platform is basically an AI driven task management collaboration platform that provides a unified spot for all the software tools. “This is in line with our objective to use AI and ML to reduce the number of pain points for a successful execution”, says Ranjan Baisak, Co-founder and Chief Architect, AppiVa Software. The project management capabilities include a To-Do List that allows users to categorize their tasks by creating a customizable to do list and make the work look more arranged; Team Communication at project, task, one-to-one group and custom group level; Work tracking encompassing Project statistics, Task statistics and activities; and Task Management that allows to add an unlimited number of projects to the dashboard and an unlimited number of members to the workflow. Viewing the tasks assigned is also made easy through profile management feature.
Easy Task Management
This exceptional ML solution assists business owners to create a task. When an order is placed, the task gets created in the backend system interface. At the same time, the relevant information is searched and gathered. In other cases where a user is trying to create a request or an appointment manually, he or she has to go through a plethora of steps before the task is created. This leads to a considerable time delay and increased payload. However, AppiVa’s ezTask is designed to minimize the time required and increase the accuracy manifold. The current inbuilt features that ezTask possesses is a virtual task manager based around ML. AppiVa’s native task management system allows a user to create tasks and reduce manual task management worries.

AppiVa brings together all the other solutions of the likes of Salesforce, while providing their native task management platform called ezTask

Concentrating on group collaboration,AppiVa starts a project with various people communicating at project level, task level and at subtask level. The summary of any discussion can easily be checked without discussion. Ranjan believes this approach greatly helps in project execution. “We want to focus entirely into AI since it can get rid of the entire manual clicking, writing, and tabbing”, adds Ranjan. Further extending their outreach into AI, in the near future, AppiVa is focussing on the concept of voice commands enabled task management systems. AppiVa’s has been showing promising efforts to become leaders in task management on cloud platform using AI.