RecoSense: Allowing the Content to Follow Users with Effortless Personalization

CIO Vendor An interesting trend regarding AI is the concept of AI journalism. Presently, AI has scope in content personalization tools which uses self learning algorithms to predict visitor’s intent and dispense real time personalization based on their user profile and behaviour. Based out of Bangalore, RecoSense Info solutions Private Limited focuses on the same and provides artificial intelligence based data engineering solutions for search, discovery and user engagement work areas to leverage natural language processing and machine learning. The platform leverages AI led IP stack for user personalization, content/product recommendation, user profiling, enterprise search, automated metadata enrichment, automated product cataloguing marketing offer personalization and social media data mining. RecoSense has built platforms and components to process unstructured data across domains with adaptive learning driven frame works based on NLP and machine learning.

The ever increasing complexities in various fields and improvements in technology have posed new challenges to data mining such as different data formats, data from disparate locations, and advances in computation and networking resources. Reco Sense platform serves as a single source data repository and provides a common format output irrespective of multitude of sources and their formats. The platform constitutes easy to integrate data mining components from multiple sources of enterprise content repository which comprise content management systems, databases, document containers etc.“We offer enterprise solutions with a middleware to adapt to data sources and formats available”,asserts Amith Srinivas, Founder & CEO, RecoSense.

Digging Deep for the Intelligence in Data

Harnessing and enriching metadata is a pivotal step in defining, managing and deriving value from enterprise content. RecoSense
thus focuses on context aware computing with data enrichment and correlation of content to give insight on end user consumption of content to give insight on end user consumption of digital content for a B2C customer in terms of user behavior insight, content consumption behavior, and content demand analytics. For B2B enterprises, RecoSense empowers AI based digital transformation to achieve productive business process in terms of dynamic search & discovery information retrieval for Sales, Workflow Streamlining, Customer Engagement etc.

RecoSense has built platforms and components to process unstructured data across domains with adaptive learning driven frameworks based on NLP and machine learning

The company has also designed data assets across multiple domains to deliver domain specific contextual interpretation from unstructured data. This contextual definition gives a correlation pattern of user behavior with respect to their affinity for Personalities,Brands,organizations, Content Categories, Events etc. The content or product description interpretation by the system provides insight on clustering of similar products.“Our platform is engaged from the point of product cataloging using our auto-metadata system to the prediction of product suggestions and user behavior analysis”,adds Amith. The platform works seamlessly with IoT devices and other simulation technologies with enriched data inputs for more accurate user targeting and brand engagement.

RecoSense is objectively working to incorporate deep learning frame works to process text,videos,audios,images and voice for data extraction and pattern recognition for Contextual Meta generation.While serving a billion suggestions per month for more than 10 million users,the company’s data management platform on a daily basis parses meta content for more than a million content items.