Razorthink: En Route to Bring Machine Super intelligence to Enterprise

CIO Vendor The new wave of artificial intelligence (AI) is based on insights derived from the way the human brain learns and the analysis of the underlying brain circuits. This has allowed the orists to develop unsupervised learning algorithms. Razorthink is taking advantage of this wave by pioneering AI Data Science for the Enterprise. The company has created the first AI Data Scientist, Razorthink Big Brain- a Deep Learning AI that dramatically improves predictive customer insight beyond the capabilities of human data scientists and machine learning.

Razorthink Big Brain generates Expert AIs that predict customer behavior for companies with millions of customers. The platform creates expert AIs by intelligently testing, selecting and optimizing supervised and unsupervised algorithms in Deep Learning Neural Networks running on High Performance Computing (HPC) architecture. Expert AIs apply ideal algorithms to micro-segmented behavior data from millions of customers to identify new predictive patterns in rea ltime with accuracy not previously possible. For accurate feature extraction and transformation, Big Brain uses Deep Learning algorithms with a cascade of multiple layers of nonlinear processing units.

Applying Deep Learning to Customer Insight

Customer churn and engagement has become a top issue in many industries. It costs significantly more to acquire new customers than retain existing ones and even more to re-acquire defected customers. Banking and other sectors gravely seek the assistance of AI to address such dilemmas. Razorthink’s Churn AI identifies potential churners in real-time with high accuracy based on real-time behavior patterns and demographic information. Razorthink Churn AI predicts whether customer microsegments will cancel a subscription, stop using a product/service, or respond to a competitive offer. By identifying
churners in advance, Churn AI gives companies time to take actions to change outcomes.

Once customers that are more likely to churn are predicted, Razorthink Upsell AI predicts which customer micro segments have a high propensity for upsel and cross-sell offers. This gives marketers the opportunity to maximize sales through highly targeted campaigns. Upsell AI prescribes specific marketing campaigns for customer microsegments, which increases sales, lowers marketing costs and ultimately improves customer satisfaction. The Razorthink Campaign Effectiveness AI uses customer behavior to dynamically measure and track the effectiveness of individual campaigns to ensure campaigns are continually optimized.

Razorthink's Churn AI identifies potential churners in real-time with high accuracy based on real-time behavior patterns and demographicinformation

Razorthink’s innovation has been recognized in the technology and AI communities. In May 2017,The Alconics International AI community short-listed Razorthink for ‘Best Innovation in Deep Learning’as part of the Alconics Awards for World’s Best AI Innovators. That same month, Razorthink was selected as one of the top 25 Artificial Intelligence Companies in APAC by CIO Advisor. On June 15 Razorthink was named a 2017 Red Herring 100 Company in N. America, one of the technology industry’s most prestigious awards.

Razorthink Expert AIs empower companies to transform customer insights into ideal customer experiences. These Expert AIs are the initial phase of Machine Super intelligence. It will be fascinating to watch Razorthink as the company strives to bring the full impact of Machine Super intelligence to the enterprise.