Yugasa Software Labs: Orchestrating Advanced AI-Enabled Chatbots To Solve Toughest Business Challenges

CIO Vendor As the year changes, the need for technology increases, nowadays, people are using technology in every aspect of their lives. The technology industry is growing rapidly and exploring services to meet the new requirements of customers. Chatbots are becoming increasingly popular for organizations all over the globe with many using the virtual agent to handle a wide range of customer services. According to Grand View Research reports, the global chatbot market is growing at a rate of 24.3% annually and is expected to touch the $1.3 billion mark by the year 2025. As the organizations plan for the new world order, post-COVID, AI technology has generated a tremendous amount of interest and discussions all around the world. Conversational AI provides the kind of seamless accessibility that many users need in the post-pandemic world.

This has prompted many businesses to embrace the technology so they can further engage with their customers and get solid insights into their users to bring about an improvement in customer experience. Other than Chatbots being used for communication outside an organization, companies have started deploying them for providing assistance to their own staff too. An AI bot can enhance the overall experience while offering a new-gen self-service for employees in the workplace to address and resolve issues and requests instantly.

Perfectly understanding the requirements, Gurgaon based Yugasa Software Labs has been placing itself very strongly in developing customized mobile apps and other IT solutions related to artificial intelligence, machine learning, and IoT. One of the latest endeavors of Yugasa is an AI-enabled and NLP-based chatbot which is called Yubo. Yubo is one of the most intelligent chatbots in the country and supports 70+ languages including nine vernacular Indian languages.

Through this article, the company aims to reach out to those CEOs, and CXOs that play an instrumental role in implementing digital transformation in the respective companies. Yugasa has been working very aggressively on different AI models as prediction is no more magic and artificial intelligence has made it a simple science. Unlike other chatbots in the industry, Yubo is a bot builder and a complete framework.

Almost 85 to 90 percent of the chatbots in the market today offers very basic solutions that work on keyword matching and do not utilize actual AI and NLP behind them. The company has studied the comparable competitors and discovered that scalability and ease of use is a challenge even for those good chatbots. Yubo is one such Bot Builder that overcomes all these kinds of concerns and establishes a far better solution as compared to other chatbots in the current market.

Experienced team of Software developers Dedicated to Achieve Customer Satisfaction
Chatbots are proving to be a fundamental and fantastic tool in improving customer engagement and retention. As the technology behind the bot is
advancing, their functionality is improving and is able to sort issues quickly giving the clients an intuitive user experience.

Yubo’s latest implementation at Saakaar Realtors is one of the recent deliveries where Yubo is acting very fine, says Pratyancha Mishra, VP Sales and Customer Acquisition at Yugasa. Saakaar Constructions has been building beautiful dream homes since 1996. It is possibly the most trusted Construction Company in Patna and is verifiably a name for responsibility, quality, and trust. Saakaar Construction uses Yubo for lead generation to sell their real estate inventory in different projects and the Implementation of chatbot on their website has increased customers’ engagement.

Yugasa provides continuous updates with newer features in Yubo during an active subscription of the framework. Yubo Chatbot is a Plug and Play utility which does not require any coding or technical knowledge for keeping up the bot’s intelligence. It is highly flexible when learning and unlearning a particular subject or information as per its maintenance in the backend. It can be well integrated with different third-party applications with the help of Webhooks.

Yugasa Software Labs has been placing itself very strongly in developing customized mobile apps and other IT solutions related to artificial intelligence, machine learning, and IoT

Also, the company has been working with large conglomerates for doing intelligent enterprise applications and at the same time executing out of the box innovative products for Startups too. Lead Generation, Customer Support, HR Assistance, and eCommerce Bot have been the most preferred applications of Yubo by the existing customers. Yubo has been appreciated by different companies for different purposes.

“We will continue to do what we are doing, i.e., continuous innovation and conveying benefits of innovation to our clients through products and services. With our non-stop efforts, Yubo framework is certainly becoming richer in features and accessible for clients of every type. We wish to convey the importance of conversational AI and virtual assistants in times to come and how Yubo can help companies to adopt AI in their day to day business operations” concludes Shobhit Srivastava, Technology Head at Yugasa Software Labs.