Workativ: Conversational AI - The Digital Workforce Frontier

CIO Vendor The success of conversational AI will be based on robustness and the ability to invoke and orchestrate third-party services. So, it’s not just the AI, but the interaction with several third-party systems, both in cloud and as well in traditional systems, that’s important to selecting a software as an AI initiative for the organization. “With conversational systems expanding, there is tremendous value for companies looking beyond just the NLP, but also focus on process automation,” says Imran Quraishy, Founder & CEO of Workativ. In traditional workplace support, employees spend considerable amount of time writing lengthy emails or waiting on long calls with the IT Help Desk team. Tasks like payroll enquiries and leave requests or IT issues like password reset and access provisioning can be time consuming, taking a nosedive in productivity.

There are several challenges in managing an IT and HR Help Desk, and it can cost a lot of money to run, as well as scale. Companies spend an average of $14 per support ticket. In today’s modern workplace environment, providing great workplace support fosters a positive workplace culture, thereby increasing the productivity of employees, naturally. The recent Covid-19 pandemic has forced companies and employees on a new working order. Digital is not an option, and companies today must reconstruct the Help Desk support to a digitized and more efficient model. Implementing modern technology enables provision of support, anytime, anywhere, freeing-up expensive IT resources, whilst lowering the cost.

Conversational AI provides the kind of seamless accessibility many users need in post pandemic world. It can enhance the overall experience, while offering a new-gen self-service for employees in the workplace to address and resolve workplace issues (IT issues) and requests (HR) instantly. Having its development office in Chennai, Workativ Assistant offers conversational AI platform that enables organizations to deliver digital experience for employee support. For companies looking to jump on the AI bandwagon, Workativ can help organizations unlock the transformative power of Conversational AI to transform workplace support.

Go Digital Support with ‘Conversational AI + Automation’
Workativ is an intuitive nocode SaaS platform for building conversational Digital Assistants or Advanced Chabots with powerful automation engine and pre-built process workflows. The key is that while other platforms are very generic consumer focused, Workativ is purpose-designed for companies to transform workplace support. One of the key differentiating aspect of Workativ is that it provides both AI and Automation in a single platform, eliminating the need to invest separately. Advanced chatbot built using Workativ platform can be deployed on a collaboration hub like Slack
or Teams to enable seamless AI based self-service for employees to solve IT and HR issues. And since Workativ is no-code platform, companies need not invest in developers to build conversations and third-party workflows.

With a subscription-based pricing model, customers do not need heavy upfront capital investments, and the ROI is much better as there is no need to deploy the solution or invest in infrastructure and professional service to maintain the software.

With conversational systems expanding, there is tremendous value for companies looking beyond just the NLP, but also focus on process automation

End-To-End Third Party Process Automation
While most Help Desk systems focus on capturing and classification of tickets, Workativ Assistant focuses on AI based self-service resolution by employee itself, avoiding frequent need for support teams to get involved. Workativ integrates with many popular applications such as Ticketing tools, ITSM, HR, and Access Management used by organizations and has 150+ automations that can be fired-up in a click to complete requests by employees. The ability to address workplace issues instantly speaks volumes of the transformation of the workplace and brings a smile on the faces of employees when instant support gratification is a few clicks away. Also, with Workativ’s secure connector, companies can securely connect Workativ with their cloud or on prem applications to run workflows and automations. All communications are encrypted.

Launch a Next-Gen Conversational Assistant in Few Hours
With Workativ being a no-code platform, the time to deploy the digital assistant can be completed in a few hours. And although the platform follows a self-service model, Workativ provides initial handholding during the onboarding process till admins are confident. Customers using Workativ have seen 10x value in terms of ability to deliver support in seconds, affordability, and huge cost saving on traditional support.

Several Benefits of Workativ Assistant
Workativ platform offers capabilities such as Dialogue Designer, Automation Designer, Marketplace, Chat Channel or Digital Experience, Connector, Training and Analytics & Logs. Workativ is focused on innovation. Currently, the organisation has a busy roadmap to improve the product and give back more value to our customers. “Our focus is to continue to build products on improving and digitizing workplace experience and operations via AI and Automation,” concludes Imran.

(Disclaimer: "The views expressed in this article are mine and my employer does not subscribe to the substance or veracity of my views.")