Increasing Significance of Mobility in the Automobile Vertical

Sanjeev Lamba, Manager-IT, Mindarika

The time is gone when sales and support were carried out sitting in a covered office area in automobile industries. Customer has become more demanding and Queries and concerns are required quick response. Competition has pulled out sales and support staff in the field. This could be possible with the help of mobile technology. Automobile sector has taken major benefit by customizing their application to work on mobile devices. Stock status and delivery schedules are being predicted with more flexibility.

Application has been customized keeping the data security in the focus by use of Mobile devices and tabs enabling field staff to promptly respond to the queries of the customers and dealers. Planning has been so robust that during the order customer knows his delivery time. Concerns are online reported to the team for quick response.

Designs are jointly being discussed to reduce the future failures. Development time has been reduced by more than 50 percent. Big OEMs are involving suppliers in their design and development process by using a synchronized approach. Reduced development time enabled big OEM to launch their product fast and in time bound manner.

Management team do not need to call each field staff to know market situation and customer feedback as now most of the issues are captured immediately in the cloud applications. Web conference is conducted to motivate the field staff and dealers leading to major cost saving and reduction in travelling fatigue. Mobility has helped automobile sector significantly to increase their productivity and control on cost.